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  • Play It Fair Program Analysis

    The paper begins by setting the context of Montreal where the Play it Fair program started. Montreal is the second largest metropolitan city in Canada. Based on the latest Statistics Canada survey, there are about 3 824 221 people in the Greater Montreal area. It is one of the most diverse cities in Canada comprising 30% of the population born outside the country and 26 % part of the visible minority. The city of Montreal hosts 75% of Quebec immigrants. 53.6% speak French as their mother tongue, 12.8% speak English and 33.6% speak another language. In 2004, 13 municipalities merged to become the City of Montreal. In this process, a participatory consultation of Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities occurred. One of these many rights…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The 1976 Olympic Games

    to 2010 an average Olympics costed the host city an average of 3.6 billion dollars, and the numbers have been skyrocketing ever since. A prime example of an immense budget overrun was shown in the 1976 Olympic games held in Montreal. This brings forth the argument: was the great deal of money spent on the 1976 Olympics a waste? Based on the reasonings that will follow, it can be argued that the money spent for hosting the 1976 Montreal Olympic games was not justified because…

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  • The Great War: The Stanley Cup (WWI)

    Lord Stanley, the governor general, donates the Stanley Cup as a hockey trophy. 1893- Lord Stanley, the governor general, donates the Stanley Cup as a hockey trophy. Lord Stanley, bought a 7” high and 11” wide silver cup (the Stanley Cup) what had cost 10 guineas. (What is $50) In 1926 the Stanley cup became the national trophy for the national hockey league. He donated the Stanley cup because of that he thought that there should be a challenge cup for the league. The first Stanley cup was…

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  • A Circus-Cirque Du Soleil

    Soleil (Circus of the Sun). The Cirque du Soleil is an energetic, entertaining and exciting entertainment company that was founded in Quebec, Canada. !!!!!!!From stilts to juggling to fire breathing, the cirque has inspired imagination among its many audiences since the early 1980’s. Originally, in 1984, Cirque du Soleil had a labour force of 73 people but today, employs 5,000 employees worldwide. !!!! The growth of the company is not only seen is the increasing labour force but in the business’…

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  • Summary Of Ramsden's Opinions In Place Of Conclusions

    the archaeological record to provide the answers regarding the past. He highly relies on the archaeological record (ceramic styles, design) to determine information on identity, politics and interrelationships between the St. Lawrence Iroquoians and Huron-Wendat people. Opinions in Place of Conclusions: These are unsupported assertions which Gibbon (2014) suggests are opinions. Therefore, the following are opinions asserted in place of conclusions: ¬ Ramsden (2016:6) suggests that his…

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  • Steam-Powered Railways In Canada

    Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway, including the privatization of CN in 1995 and the streamlining of operations at CP. Both railways are important carriers of bulk commodities in North America. The development of steam-powered railways in the 19th century revolutionized transportation in Canada and was integral to the act of nation building. By 1844 the promotion of railways called "The Mania" was under way. The railway “Mania” was Creating a demand for fuel, iron and steel, locomotives,…

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  • Informative Essay On Ice Hockey

    the team. The bruins became conflicted on whether to play as a skilled team or a tough team and it led to their demise last season (Marracino). There is also no coincidence that the Panthers are in third place in the entire Eastern Conference this season, while the Bruins are on the outside looking in for a playoff spot. Another great example is All Star John Scott. The catch to John Scott being an All Star is that he has 5 career NHL goals (Blanchard). Scott is the definition of a goon, a…

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  • Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis Analytical Essay

    the formalizer to see this movement of the people that Marjane is witnessing. In these panels focus mainly on the image in the scene, most of them lacking quotes and having more detailed art. This use of movement heightens the story because of its subconscious effect on the reader. Using her own styles of art and writing, Satrapi is able to represent her life and the culture of Iran during the revolution. Satrapi uses framing in Persepolis to bring out emphasis of tone and plot in specific…

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  • The Differentification Of Settlements In The Chesapeake And New England's Century

    indentured servants at plantation owners’ dispense in his 1676 “Manifesto.” This rooted the dominating slave to European ratio in the population that occurred in later years. The demographic in each region greatly impacted the differences that occurred by 1700. Those migrating to New England traveled as families; ships varied with a mixture of women, children, and men. (Doc B) Unlike the ship bound for Virginia, that contained mostly young men travelling alone (presumably second and third sons…

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  • Understanding Cultural Diversity

    The purpose of this paper is to obtain a better understanding of an individuals values, beliefs, perspectives, traditions, and overall competency of health literacy of an individual from another culture other than my own. By understanding these differences, I hope to gain knowledge that will embrace and improve my own cultural awareness. This understanding of cultural diversity will help me flourish as a health care provider. To further understand these differentiations, I performed a…

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