King Tut In Ancient Egypt

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King Tut was a huge part of Ancient Egyptian’s history. The artifacts King Tut left behind have taught us about Egypt's past. King Tut was famous for his family, tomb, and curse.
King Tut was famous for his rich and powerful family. King Tutankhamun is also known as King Tut. He married his half sister Ankhesenpaten. Both Tut and his wife changed the last part of their names to “amun.” King Tut became pharaoh at 9 years old! Even though the “boy king” had power, Tutankhamun was still supervised by an elder. These are just a few of the interesting facts about King Tut’s family.
Howard Carter is most famous for the discovering of King Tut’s tomb. There were lot’s of artifacts Howard Carter and his team learned about the pharaoh. Carter’s team found lots of prized possessions. Inside the tomb were, small carvings of animals or supernatural figures. There were also, amulets and charms. Charms were made from genuine gems and metals. The team found fine clothes, weapons, food, and couches with animal heads, stools, boxes, jars, and caskets. With all these treasures, King Tut’s tomb managed to be sealed for 3, 245 years! When Howard Carter and his team set up an autopsy for the boy king. They delicately removed the linen on the pharaoh. Mummies were wrapped in special linen for embalming.
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The story begins as, anyone who enters King Tut’s final resting place, shall be punished for eternity. Because he is king so they didn’t want the pharaoh to be mad or disturbed. But scientists obviously didn’t believe this myth. They said inside the tomb, hot wind occurs, simply because cooler air entered the tomb, pushing out the hot air. All this dirty air inside the tomb, which has been inside for a very long time, might have affected the lungs of those who entered, in wich might have been poison inside the huge tomb. The whole country of Egypt wanted Tut proud and respected after his

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