Hatshepsut: The Many Pharaohs Of Egypt

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There were many pharaohs of Egypt including, Tut, Zozer, and Khufu, but there are some that need to be recognized. The first one is a pharaoh named Menes who brang Egypt together, then there was Hatshepsut who expanded borders and sent out explorers to trade with others, and finally there was Akhenaten who changed art and religion in egypt and may have started monotheism. If we didn’t have these pharaohs the world would be a much different place now because Egypt might not have been what it is today. We learn about many pharaohs in history in school, but these pharaohs were the most important.These Kings and Queen were staples of Egypt’s economy then and now.

A pharaoh named Menes was the King who brought all of the kingdom together. He was
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Hatshepsut grew up and she never thought she would be Queen of Egypt. She had a stepson named Thutmose III, but he was too young which left the throne empty and Queen Hatshepsut had to fill it. This was one of the best things that happened to Egypt, if not all of history. The new Queen did many wonderful things for the kingdom. One of these things that Queen Hatshepsut did was to send soldiers into Nubia. She conquered part of it, and expanded Egypt’s borders. She also sent traders to faraway lands to trade and got some very precious items to the Egyptians like trees. The Queen also helped restore temples for the gods so people could pray in the temples and the gods would not get angry for not having enough temples and punish Egypt. During her reign, she posed as a man because some of her statues show her as having a beard. Queen Hatshepsut was a great pharaoh because of all her deeds to her kingdom. After her reign, her stepson ruled, but he pales in comparison to our next pharaoh, …show more content…
If Menes had not been there, Egypt might have never formed, or have formed very late into history which would have made Egypt today be primitive to the other nations. Without Hatshepsut, the kingdom may have fallen apart or have been completely taken over because they were weak. This would have resulted in Egypt just being part of some other place. Finally, without Akhenaten, monotheism may have taken many more years to form and may not have been around today. This would have made all the monotheistic religions like Judaism, Christianity, and other religions not exist which would have made people believe in different religions and that would change things like holidays. These people were important then and even now. It would be devastating to not have them helping Egypt. That is why they are the most influential

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