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  • The Outsiders: Comparison Of Book And Movie

    writing the theme. You also see an image of the parents dying. As I stated earlier as they’re the same story the book and movie are very similar. The general themes of class struggle persist through both. In both the socs are the privileged ones. While greasers are similar to hoodlums because of circumstance. They both convey Darry and Pony’s relationship from Pony’s prospective. In both Darry is shown as an overbearing force in Pony’s life until they fix things with each other. While they do…

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  • The Outsiders Death Analysis

    novel, Ponyboy, finds that they had much more in common than he initially dreamed. The first is that of a Soc, a socially elite gangster, who seemingly has a well rounded and exhilarating life before his death. Ensuing his are the mortalities of two Greasers, Johnny and Dally respectively. All three had people to love, and a motivation that, in their lives, continued the pulse of time, until the streams of their lives overturned, or simply drained…

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  • Johnny And Dally Comparison Essay

    When Dallas and Ponyboy arrive to see him at the hospital to tell Johnny about their triumphant beating of the Socs. The two boys do not get the reaction they had hoped for. ‘“Useless… fighting’s no good…”’ (147). Johnny thinks the fact that the greasers beat the socs means nothing. He tells them that nothing will change between the two groups. The perspective of fighting is very different between the…

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  • Long Live Love Analysis

    sing-along film based off of a musical with the same name from 1971. This romantic film is based off of two young lovers, Danny Zuko (played by John Travolta) and Sandy Olson (played by Olivia Newton-John). Danny being the leader of the Black – Jacket Greasers known as the “T-Birds” from Rydell High fell inlove with innocent Sandy Olson from Austrialia who was visiting California for the summer. But their “Summer Loving” had to come to an ending as summer was coming to and end and school was…

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  • Revolt Of The Cockroach People Analysis

    “Little by little, they’ve [Buffalo’s friends] brought in all the materials they need for the time bomb. We’ve got seven big ones to blow a hole in this cement-concrete-steel building, right under that motherfucking greaser [Alacran]” (Zeta, pg254). After the explosion, Buffalo later finds out a young chicano man has died to to the blast; his thoughts on the matter: “No, I don’t feel guilty about the kid that got killed” (Zeta, pg257). The death of the young chicano…

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  • The Theme Of Loyalty In The Outsiders

    A theme that occurred throughout the entire novel; the Outsiders was that loyalty is unwavering in both good and bad times. This is demonstrated when Johnny and Ponyboy went to Dally after Johnny killed the Soc. Dally didn’t have to help Ponyboy and Johnny, this posed a great risk to himself and his reputation if he was planning to get involved. Even though there was a risk to himself, he put Johnny’s and Ponyboy’s safety before his and helped them get away. Also when the cops came to Dally he…

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  • The Outsiders Setting Analysis

    Being an outsider is a feeling nobody wants. So imagine how Greasers feel. Dally,Johnny, and Darry live in a small beat up town in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Soc’s ganging up on them almost every day. The setting of “ The Outsiders” effects these characters by creating a harsh environment for Dally, Johnny, and Darry. The setting effect’s these characters specifically by creating an harmful environment where they are judged by what they look like and where they live. To begin with, Johnny has a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Occupy Wall Street

    When it comes to the topic of discrimination based on social and economic inequality, most of us will readily agree that higher classes people do not care about lower classes people and will take advantages of them. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how the lower classes people can be empower to protect themselves and also to gain equality. Though the outsiders argues that they are powerless to change their situation, and occupy wall street argues that people…

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  • Characters In The Outsiders

    The Outsiders Characters Everyone has their favorite characters and least favorite characters in every book or movie. In the book and the movie, The Outsiders, there are many different characters with different personalities, looks, and actions. Some can even easily relate to some characters throughout the whole book, with their personality, looks, or physical traits. Also, those people also chose who they think would be their BFF, who would be their frenemy, and who would be the person that…

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  • Heroism Of Johnny In The Outsiders

    Brandon Mull once said, “In short, heroism means doing the right thing regardless of the consequences.” Johnny is the person that Brandon Mull was talking about. In the book, The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton Johnny helps people no matter the consequences. Johnny is a hero because he saved the kids from the burning church, cared for others, and held the gang together. When Johnny saved the kids from the burning church it was an act of heroism. He save the kids even if it meant his own death. He…

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