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  • Personal Narrative: Two-Bit

    It had been two weeks since Steve and Two-Bit got jumped. The rumble was scheduled for Saturday night in the same place we fought the rumble after Bob. Darry figured that two weeks was enough for Two-Bit to heal enough to fight, hopefully. Soda and I had planned our sneaking to the fight down to the very last detail. We would give Darry a five minute head start before slipping out the front door and taking a short cut through the woods. After that, when we got there we would stay hidden in the…

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  • Symbolism In The Outsiders

    Bob and Pony both exchanged words which cause one of the Socs to push Pony into the fountain and set his head on it after they suggested that Pony needed a bath. Here are some representatives that were being said to the two people: Bob insulted the greasers as "white trash with long hair" while on the other hand, Pony insults, right back at him by calling them "white trash with Mustangs and Madras”(55). At this point, everyone thought Ponyboy was going to fade out until he remained cautious.…

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  • Why Is The Outsiders Movie Like The Book

    have made friendships that can't be broken. Which the soc’s are jealous of because they don't have any feelings or emotions going through them because their parents are barely home. So basically The movie started off when Ponyboy got jumped by the greasers after he was walking home from the movies. Just like what it said in the book. a little farther in the movie they went to a drive-in movie where they met Cherry and Marcia. Which is when trouble started to form in the book and the movie.…

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  • Violence In The Outsiders

    lot about himself and what some people think about violence and the events that is going on in his life. During this conversation, Randy talks about how he is not going to fight in a local rumble between the two rival gangs that there are in, the Greasers and the Socs. The reason why this is because he thinks that this rumble will not solve anything and it is pointless to fight. Also, before the rumble Ponyboy has a conversation with his fellow gang members and siblings and asks why they like to…

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  • Existentialism In The Outsiders

    sensitive inner-beauty to “Soc” girls. The term “Soc” stands for “social” and designates the “Happy Days” refugee middle class citizens who live in the very same city, just on the other side of them darn tracks. This story is told from the side of the “Greasers”,…

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  • Summary: Amerindian Women And The Spanish Conquest Of Antonia

    Collapse of the Missions by David J. Weber he talks about the horrible way Spanish soldier treated the Indians and how they tried to “civilize” the “savage Indians” and the struggle the Indians faced trying to stop this horrible act. In Gringos, Greasers and the Southwest: Evolving Chicano Identity on the Border Region, 1850-1930 by Michael R. Ornelas. He speaks about what affected the way Chicano saw themselves as what impacted their outlook of themselves and how that form the generation to…

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  • Examples Of Honor In The Outsiders

    Johnny out of trouble”(154). Dally was willing to sacrifice himself for those he cared about, even if it meant he had to give up his own. He was an unrecognized hero with the persona of a bad kid. Dally Winston is one example of showing that even greasers have the capability of honoring…

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  • Stereotypes In The Film 'Dora The Explora'

    Stereotypes have been around longer than most believe. A primary example is during the Nazi era in Germany, when the government put out photos of "the Jews" having big pointy noses. They were shown as greedy monsters who smelled bad and whose jobs were to ruin the government. Another example is the "cholo" look. The look is seen on the mexican youth. The guys are dumb, gang affiliated, and usually speak broken english. The girls are essentially the same, but they are dressed as guys and their…

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  • Stereotypes In Diversity Research Paper

    stereotypes can block all of these great attributes. So, all in all, stereotypes will not allow different culture different beliefs, different looks, and so on into your area. For example, in The Outsiders, the two gang’s areas are either all Socs or Greasers only, with very little diversity. People don’t want to move into those areas, because of the stereotype you get if you do. So it will always be the same type of…

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  • The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Comparison Essay

    In the novels we have read this year, The Outsiders and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, both main characters narrate and tell of their experiences and circumstances they have faced. The protagonists from each novel, Ponyboy Curtis and Christopher Boone, share many similarities but also have several differences shown throughout the books. In both novels, the main character was a teenage boy who had to face many obstacles throughout his life. Christopher’s autism is a constant…

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