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  • Henrietta Lacks And Paternalism Essay

    After Day granted permission, Gey went on to perform the autopsy and kept samples of her bladder, bowel, kidney, etc. to use for the “HeLa factory” (Skloot, 93). Instead of viewing Henrietta as a person, Gey viewed her as a gold mine for medical advances. After he gained access to her cells, he became the director of what happened to them and chose to medically exploit them without giving Henrietta any acknowledgment. He had even released a false name, Helen Lane, to “throw journalists off the trail of Henrietta’s real identity” and by doing so he dehumanized the person behind the cells that transformed medicine (Lacks,…

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  • Henrietta Lacks: A Brief Biography

    Henrietta Lacks was a black woman who grew up in Clover, Virginia (Zielinski). She was born in 1920 as Loretta Pleasant ( Editors), and was affectionately known as “Hennie” (Brown). She was raised by her grandfather and lived with her cousin, David Lacks ( Editors). Henrietta worked as a tobacco farmer along with her family (Zielinski), and she also sold tobacco at auctions (Brown). She attended school up until sixth grade (Brown). Henrietta and her cousin Lacks later…

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  • Modern Times: The Way Of All Flesh

    patients in the area and that it offered segregated medical care. The gynaecologist in charge, Dr. Howard Jones, reports that he was impressed when he saw the lesion since it did not look like cancer, as it was purple in colour and bled very easily on touching. By interviewing the medical practitioners in charge, the documentary gives the viewers a clearer and more credible idea of the situation. However, a medical practitioners commentary tends to be limited to their observations of the patient…

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  • Henrietta Lacks Research Papers

    This was in know why any form of informed consent because the treatment that Lacks was undergoing, was radiation treatment. I believe it was unethical of the doctors to collect samples of Lacks without her knowing that she didn’t agree to. In addition, I believe this was also due to the lack of African-Americans having exercised rights through the early 1950s which may have been a factor into why the doctors didn’t consider Lacks approval of the decision of them collecting samples of her. Upon…

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  • The Immortal Life Of Henrietta's Cancerous Cells

    told that she was fine but then was later told that she was diagnosed to cervical cancer and had to get chemotherapy. John Hopkins Hospital was acknowledged as a great hospital, but were racist when it comes to treating and operating with African-Americans. It is known that Henrietta was married to a man named Day who was also her cousin, they later birthed a daughter whose name was Elise and she was mentally ill and passed away in an asylum that went by the name, “Crownsville.” In the…

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  • Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks: An Analysis

    samples of Henrietta 's cervix while she was still alive, they found that her cancer cells were growing 20 times faster than her normal cells. Scientists like George Gey wanted to find a way in which cancer cells could be fought. He sent Henrietta 's cells to other scientists who would be able to use it for research. HeLa cells were used to diagnose genetic diseases, fight polio, and create vaccines. Because the cells didn 't appear to have a chance of dying out, scientists used the cells to…

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  • Essay On Henrietta Lacks Unethical Research

    from the violation of Henrietta and her cells for if proper scientific guidelines were in place the spread of the HeLa cells would have been minimized. Additionally, The WillowBrook Study case of 1956 involved the exploitation and abuse that health care providers imposed on young children who were diagnosed with mental retardation. Recently an unethical scientific research case has surfaced speaking on the death of a young and healthy twenty six year old male named Dan Markingson died after…

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  • Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Report

    permission before taking tissue from living patients, no matter the intended use” (Beach 1). By Henrietta Lacks also signing the waiver for allowing the doctors to do what is necessary to help her medical. After her death she voided any way for her children to receive a payment from her cells. Her children still gain from their mother not in money but in health. The different required pills they take to improve their health is thanks to their mother. Now it may seem not ethical to get monetary…

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  • Henrietta Lacks And The Hela Cells

    A person’s perspective is a key factor in their personality. If a politician has an early 1900’s racist mindset then the public knows they’ll attempt to limit the right of non-whites. If a male employer has a deeply rooted sexist mindset than it can be inferred that he would never employ women. These are all simple decisions that if implemented could have long lasting effects on a community, but what if someone’s perspective leads to a decision whose repercussions will literally last for an…

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  • Henrietta Lacks Thesis

    Mohini Vadalia The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Henrietta Lacks, the wife and cousin of David Lacks, and a mother of 5, Lawrence, Elsie, David Jr.(Sonny), Deborah, and Joe. She was a poor, black woman who died of cervical cancer in 1951. The hospital where she was receiving her treatments, her doctor had withdrawn samples of her cancer cells without her knowledge and permission. These cells began reproducing endlessly. Even after Henrietta had died, her cells were still alive. They…

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