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  • Harrison Bergeron Dystopian

    Imagine a world wanting to go forward, but only going backwards. A world where the government regulates its citizens to make sure that they are “equal” and of average standard, where if anyone dares to be above average, handicaps are forced upon them. This is the world of Harrison Bergeron, a world of dystopia, but in the meantime, will this also be the fate of America? Equality is the state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunities. Although equality is strived for everywhere in…

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  • Similarities Between Ancient China And Confucianism

    powerful government that would not be questioned by the subjects. This can be contrasted with the principles upheld…

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  • Pros And Cons Of A Democratic Government

    Theory Development can only happen if the government stands behind their citizens, whether that be a democratic government or not, is the argument explored for this paper. I say this with confidence as all of the countries that I have observed, it seems to be the case that a strong government can hold a nation together. It is a general trend that a proper and strong development of any country happens when a government shifts to a more democratic regime.You take any of the East Asian…

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  • Muhammad Ali's View On Civil Disobedience

    Ali’s perspective, his disobedience was necessary in standing up for what mattered to him. From the government’s perspective and many others’, he was simply a disrespectful “draft dodger.” But what about the people who truly matter in this scene, the general public? How were they affected? As mentioned before, some believed Ali was just another man who didn’t want to serve his country, a weak-willed man with no patriotism. Others respected him for his decision to protect his right to religious…

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  • A Critical Analysis Of Thomas Paine's Common Sense

    and wrong in any prevailing situation (Paine). Through common sense, it was believed that significant social as well as political achievements were eminent. Citizens used affection and reason to know what was right and wrong in the government and society in general. On the other hand, Thomas Paine’s common sense pamphlet, written during the time of America’s revolution, was a major vehicle that led American citizens to revolution inventions (Tocqueville). In his document, Thomas openly argues…

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  • Aristotle's Four Forms Of Government

    The Best Government According to Waterman Lecture Notes, (1-3), Aristotle felt that the best government was the monarchy, a political system in which a state is ruled by a monarch, especially a king or queen, (governed by one)and by hereditary rights, followed by the aristocracy (governed by few) , people of the highest social or people of noble families or the highest social class, and that these type or class of people are the very best person or people, would most justly and effectively rule…

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  • Elective Dictatorship Analysis

    Hailsham used the term ‘Elective Dictatorship’ in multiple pieces of his works most notably being the Richard Dimbleby lecture in 1976. The dictionary definition of elective dictatorship is ‘a government that is elected but has won so many votes that it can do what it wants.’ This means that although the government has been elected by the people of the country it has enough power within parliament to do what it please and act like a dictatorship. Lord Hailsham himself described elective…

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  • Pros Of Conservatism

    considered as the study of general and fundamental problems. While amalgamating culture, philosophy and politics together the term conservatism comes in view. Conservatism is a political philosophy which…

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  • Political Values In America

    Political values are the political beliefs or ideas that display the attitude of a society; particularly concerning the debate over the relationship between citizens and government, and citizens to citizens. It is important to note that not all Americans share the same view on political values, however the general majority agree on some basic ideals such as liberty, equality, democracy, individualism, unity, and diversity. Liberty is defined as “the state of being free within society from…

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  • Assess The Difference Between Democracy And Dictatorship Governments

    Government plays an important role in a countries development and sustainability. It elects members who make decisions which may or may not benefit the country. This power is given to members through different types of government. Two major types of governments are democratic and dictatorship governments. Differences between the two types of governments is that democratic governments allow citizens residing in the given country to cast votes based on political parties running for the government.…

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