The Importance Of Interest Groups On Government Policy

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Interest groups are association of individuals or organizations that they attempt to influence public policy in their favor. Interest groups seeking the opportunity to benefit themselves or their causes by affect government policy. Their goal is only benefiting them. Lobbyists are salespeople and they believe law protects their activities. Interest groups hire lobbyists to lobbying with government officials and legislators to make a law or any policies in their favor. So only that particular people or groups can get benefiting from it. When interest groups lobbing with government officials or legislators they spend a lot of money on them. Interest groups have more resource. They have the capability to raise money and they spend all that money to the government officials or legislators. They also spend money in election campaigns on candidates who are going elected and become a government official. …show more content…
For example, interest groups can lobby with government for clean air, water or public health or public safety issue. Those kinds of policy could be helpful for all general people not a particular group. Those kinds of interest groups represent large number of people in the society. Another interest groups who only want to benefit themselves they never thought about public. For example, if health insurance organization try to lobbying with government to increase health insurance price. Even thought they lower their price that not affect them from doing their business. Those kinds of interest groups or lobbyists do not represent whole society people. Government need to careful about those interest groups and they should not have the voice to represent our society. They also try to shape public opinion. If they have enough support the public opinion may remain silent. The interest group who only think for a particular people that is not the best interest of

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