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  • Argumentative Essay On Official Language

    however, it’s full intention is to promote immigrant acculturation [into the states]. The official-English movement approaches multilingualism with caution, although they do not plan to entirely dismiss the rights of individuals who need certain language services in their mother tongue such in situations of public safety and health (Crystal 131). Policy makers who support this movement also believe that tending to the needs of languages will be pointless, since having one language will reduce translation costs for things such as voting ballots and forms that might not even be used as seen “during 1994 [when]…IRS distributed half a million forms…in Spanish, but only 718 were returned” (Crystal 134). The United States already being a melting pot of different backgrounds by choosing one language they believe it will become more efficient…

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  • The Importance Of The English Official Language

    smallest minority. If American citizens are going to allow money to be spent translating government documents into multiple languages, then what about the languages of all tax payers? Who decides which languages spoken are the better, or more important, to use? This is a substantial dilemma that, unless an official language is implemented, would be very difficult to…

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  • Summary Of Why English Should Be The Official Language

    Languages: Are fewer actually better? In his article, “Why English should be the official language of the United States”, well known columnist, Brandon Brice (2014), argues how an official language would enhance immigrants to learn the language, while improving immigrants’ and American’s lives. The author highlights how not having an official language has negatively affected the country, consequences that are intensifying, as immigration rates continue to increase. In addition, such immigrants…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Interest Groups

    Shreya Dhakal Prof Sherry Sharifian, Govt 2306 April 20, 2017 Lobbyists and Interest Groups in Texas Interest groups are a group of people who have a common interest and seek to influence public policy. They are a crucial factor through which citizens in United states make their views and ideas known to elected officials. They work closely with the congress and influence a lot in American politics. The number of interest groups has increased dramatically in recent years and it is difficult to…

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  • Debasement Essay

    Corruption is the utilization of endowed power for private edition. Corruption has two sides, the recipient and the provider. “Both parties to corruption engage in the practice to gain from it and, therefore, both should be accounted for the practice” (Myint, 2000). Debasement is an imperative hindrance to the improvement of a nation. The World Bank has distinguished it as the principle hindrance to creating nations to their improvement tries. The societal improved candid in the general…

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  • Effects Of Bribery And Corruption

    Bribery and corruption is an issue that is very happening in most of the countries. What is bribery and corruption? Bribery is a practice of offering something to gain certain advantage, for example: money, assets, gift and so on and so forth, and corruption is when an individual itself abuse its power to gain an undue advantage. Bribery is an unethical behavior and it is also very unfair practice, for example: the employer pay people for their normal job is called wage, and when the employee…

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  • Public Choice Theory: The Principal-Agent Theory Of Corruption

    The Administrative factors Absent of code of conduct in most of developing countries for civil servants or public officials to distinguish between what is ethical or unethical (right or wrong). Lack of polices for day to day supervision of staff. For instance, the Audit chamber, to audit all the institutions and anti-corruption should report to judiciary for prosecution of corrupt officials. The administrative institutions has role to serve the interest of the public to connect, gives proper…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Law

    Being a senior official has both been fun and tiresome. Other than being involved in official activities in the Pakistani government, I have taken part in bizarre events within the same category. In one instance, I have participated in a project that involved supervising the dissemination of family planning information in Pakistan. According to the records from collected studies, only a small percentage of men practiced family planning. Part of the project was to engage men extensively to adopt…

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  • Female Underrepresentation

    In the United States female elected officials are underrepresented at all levels of government, however the majority of focus and research on this topic is conducted either at the state or federal level. Studying female underrepresentation at the local level is crucial, because it is typically where the pipeline to higher and more powerful offices begins. In this paper I will argue that the presence of All-Female networks will expand the inclusivity of the eligibility pool and therefore increase…

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  • Jeffrey Sachs The Seven Habits Of An Effective Government

    While this is presented in a liberal leaning way, there is a great deal of content in this book that comes off a fact that can be presented in a non biased manner. For example it would beneficial to use the discussion of the role that lobbying firms play at influencing politicians to show who influences government officials. Sachs’s argument of the dysfunctional way that congress passes legislation would also yield itself well in the classroom, in the text he used the passage of the Affordable…

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