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  • The Panama Paper Scandal

    throughout the globe. Its name results from the origin the firm Mossack Fonseca, which originates from Panama, who kept secretive documents, which often concealed fraud , money laundering, bribery, and in essence many white-collar crimes around the world. The law firm was founded in 1977 in Panama by Jurgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca. The firm’s success has allowed it to spread to 42 other countries. It 's unquestionable growth reveals the vast usage of offshore accounts by millionaires and billionaires everywhere,while also revealing how many billions of dollars are hidden from countries every year. It is estimated that over…

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  • Portfolio Diversification Essay

    specific examples special in finance. The term portfolio diversification is defined as “investing in different asset classes and in securities of many issues in an attempt to reduce overall investment risk and to avoid damaging a portfolio's performance by the poor performance of a single security, industry, (or country).” (Nasdaq n.d.) One describes the theory of portfolio diversification as not putting all your eggs in one basket. Portfolio Diversification is noted as a foundational concept…

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  • Madoff: The Cause Of White Collar Crime

    Caribbean. In those places, he was tremendously successfully. He would end up raising so much foreign money that he could not find places in Houston to put it in. At the same time, Stanford brought in his former college roommate, Jim Davis. Stanford and Davis received an inspiration and wanted to open an offshore bank in Montserrat. They were able to do so with the $6 million Stanford’s father put in to partner with them. Offshore banking was perfect for Stanford to thrive in. The…

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  • Maa Group Berhad Case Study

    There are several sources to consider when running a business. (2013, Don Hofstrand) Sources of finance is use to available to manage a company, due to all businesses need money, so where the money come from is known as source of finance. Source of finance has two different types, which is internal and external. Internal of source of finance is the finance is inside the business. For instead, profits can be kept back to the finance expansion. The external is the finance from outside the business…

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  • Case Study: Nakilat And Gulf Warehousing Company

    supply of construction material that includes industrial equipment and heavy vehicles (4-Traders, 2017). Instead of operating as a single unit, Qatar Navigation functions as a fragmented faction with subsidiaries including Milaha Offshore and Milaha Gas and Petroleum. Other Milaha subsidiaries include Milaha capital, Milaha corporate, Trading, maritime and Logistics (4-Traders, 2017). Each of these sectors functions autonomously. For instance, Milaha capital is responsible for finance-related…

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  • Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten The World Economy

    Many of the world’s developing and large economies were growing more dependent on American demand for their exports. These nations were left with weak locally-focused sectors. Because these economies were reliant on experts, the result was huge trade imbalances among countries - this created the fault line. Specifically, economic policies in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom used offshore savings to support the spending of its citizens. Developing economies, as well as…

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  • Blue Bigger Case Study: Blue Star Shares

    borrowed capital utilised to finance assets. b. Hedging – An investment technique utilised to offset a potential loss on an investment by investing in a second venture/asset that is predicted to perform in the opposite way to the first. Alternatively, it is a strategy utilised to offset a potential loss (or profit) by predicting the outcome of an investment and making a fixed decision (which would minimise losses if the investment does not yield the desired results); at the same time, less…

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  • BAWAG Case Study

    BAWAG $1.10 Billion Losses BAWAG is a private limited bank and is an entity in the financial and insurance sector. Established in 1922 in Austria, it has its headquarters in the capital city - Vienna. Some of the services that it offers are investment banking, commercial banking, private banking and asset management. BAWAG offers online banking facility along with online support for customers. Few years ago, BAWAG suffered a huge amount of losses owing to having used unreasonable investment…

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  • Bangladesh Bank Case Study

    Bangladesh bank in monetary policy used in our country. There are some additional objectives also. These are:- a) To understand the concept of central bank and its nature; b) To know about Bangladesh bank and its functions; c) To know about monetary policy and its types; d) Monetary policy framework of Bangladesh Bank; e) To know about the strategy and tools of monetary policy. 3. Methodology The present study is based on secondary data like prospectus, books, and book chapters, journal…

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  • Advantages Of Shadow Banking

    One of the advantages of private banking is that a client can access credit with tailored finance and lending financial advice is also important because customers can manage their wealth internationally. Shadow banking is also important in that it lends money to people who need it not from deposits but against various financial instruments for instance bonds ("IMF Global Financial Stability Report, A Report on Market Developments and Issues", 2016). A significant portion of these elements are…

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