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  • Was American Imperialism Justified

    Was American imperialism morally justifiable? While many would think the answer would vary based on a person’s ethics and values, factual evidence shows us the commonly self-important motives of the United States during this time period. Despite these indications, we also see how some events pertaining to the “Era of Expansion” benefited both sides. To me, American imperialism was not only commonly sneaky, but, for the most part, immoral. The following paragraphs will show some examples of…

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  • Analysis Of The Documentary Toaxic: Garbage Island By Thomas Morton

    Plastic In the hour long documentary, TOXIC: Garbage Island by Thomas Morton, a group of adults venture to the North Pacific gyre for 21 days to find a spinning current with tons of chemicals and plastics that will not biodegrade in order to show society how serious plastic pollution is. Throughout the documentary, the VICE team documents the plastic that has polluted the Pacific Ocean. The main argument that is used in the documentary is that most Americans do not think about plastic pollution…

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  • Why I Want To Study America Essay

    “I will like America, and I will have fun in the U.S.” I said to my parents when I had decided to America in 2013. I was seventeen years old that year, and I did not study very well in my high school. I even could not go to university in China. So my parents sent me to America. Studying in America is really an important turning point in my life, and I learned a lot in the U.S. I knew that if I can overcome all the difficults, I will have a good result. Before I went to the U.S., I felt very…

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  • Essay On New Jersey Waterways Problem

    There’s Something in the Water Relaxing on a beach or fishing on a river are fun activities. The water always looks clean and fresh. No one wants to look across the ocean, lake, or river, and see candy wrappers and plastic particles. Unfortunately, New Jersey waterways, specifically the ones in northern New Jersey, have been plagued with an abundance of plastic. This is a major problem that needs to be fixed is the contaminated waterways because they cause problems. The plastic pollution in…

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  • Leyte Gulf Battle Analysis

    The Battle of Leyte Gulf took place in the Philippines and pitted Japanese and the United States naval forces against one another for command and control of the western Pacific region during World War II. The Philippines, to the United States, was another stepping stone closer to striking at Japan’s home island and also a vital staging point to wage war against Japan’s merchant supply line of valuable resources such as oil and fuel. Japan was required to defend the Philippines in the interest of…

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  • Causes Of Pearl Harbor

    War. Although the Americans tried their best to avoid involvement into the war, one devastating attack woke the United States from their neutrality. The attack on Pearl Harbor was only part of Japan 's big plan to take over island nations in the Pacific Ocean. The attack instilled an array of emotions into the American people. Japanese forces only took a short amount of time to conduct the attack, but they were still able to create mass destruction among the harbor. The infamous waves of terror…

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  • Nauru Case Study

    Nauru, is a small country located in the Pacific Islands that not many people know of. Nauru is located approximately twenty-five miles south of the earths equator, and it’s closest neighboring country is Banaba, another island that is about two hundred miles east of Nauru. The territorial size of the country is only about eight square miles, with a population of “9540” people (Nauru: 2016 Country Review, 3). Nauru “became an independent” country “in 1968,” making it the “smallest republic in…

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  • Dawlish Warren Case Summary

    Do the coastal defences at Dawlish Warren have a significantly larger impact on coastal processes than at Slapton Sands? Throughout this independent enquiry I will be examining the structure and location of the majority of the coastal defences at two drift aligned depositional landforms on the South Devon coastline; Dawlish Warren (the geographer online)1 and Slapton Sands (Chadwick et al, 2005)2. In particular, the success of the defences placed at these two landforms will be compared by…

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  • Hawai I And Papa New Guinea Argumentative Essay

    For over decades, traditions have been lost over time. Most are suppressed or forgotten because of foreign influences, such as those brought on by the missionaries. Hawai 'i and Papa New Guinea are two of the many islands located in the Pacific Ocean, who was affected by colonization. Colonization of these islands affected these native people tremendously, which in time lead up to the loss of their cultures, traditions and religions. In my essay, I will compare and contrast the colonization of…

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  • Geography In Moby-Dick

    their escape. The novel seems to emphasize the mystery and excitement of the Pacific Ocean more than anywhere else. Europe and the United States are the known world, but also Africa and South America as continents are Not treated with much excitement. Instead, the focus of adventure is on the whaling grounds and Islands in the Pacific Ocean. In the time of the Moby-Dick the two capes controlled almost all travel to the Pacific from the old world. The Suez Canal wasn’t opened until around 1870,…

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