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  • Amelia Dyer Research Paper

    desires, or a woman who rapes, mutilates, and kills girls with her husband. Not all the skeletons in Britain’s closet are as well known as Jack the Ripper but they are just as cruel and unusual serial killers, such as Amelia Dryer and the couple Fred and Rose West . Amelia Dyer never had an easy life, her mother was a raving lunatic and once her mother died she lived with her aunt. During the times she lived as her aunt 's charge, Amelia trained as a corset maker. In 1861 Amelia moved into…

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  • Gender Role In The Short Story 'Bangana'

    The short story “Bangana” (2014) by CJ Hauser deals with drone pilot, mother of one and wife Alicia Brennan. The inner monologue spans over about a week of Alicia’s life as both a mom, wife and drone pilot in the army. The main theme explored in this short story is gender roles. Our protagonist Alicia indirectly battles the traditional household gender roles, with her working as a drone pilot for the army against the middle east and Daddio, who’s a farmer living as the head of his family in…

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  • What Is Fake News

    THE ADAPTATION OF FAKE NEWS BY ALICE BARRAH Intro The term "Fake News" broke out in popular media back in 2016, when Donald Trump accused CNN reporter Jim Acosta of being the very term. Since then fake news has wormed its way through nearly every media outlet, reporter, politician and celebrity alike, and it's become hard for a new generation of consumers to tell the difference between what's true and what's false. What is Fake News? Fake News, put simply, is the spread of misinformation…

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  • Elsie Macgill: The 'Mother Of Hurricanes'

    In the 1940’s, seeing a woman with a degree was an amazing sight, but having a degree in a field that was overrun by men, that was unheard of, at least, until Elsie MacGill came along. Elsie MacGill was the first woman to get a degree in aeronautical engineering, and she graduated from the University Of Toronto, the University Of Michigan, and the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology with her bachelors degree. Many people believe that she was recognized for her accomplishments, though others…

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  • Essay On Amelia's Fantastic Flight

    Amelia’s Fantastic Flight, written by Rose Bursik is intended for children ages 4-7 was published March 15, 1994. Amelia’s Fantastic Flight is 32-page paperback story that tells of a young girl named Amelia (Earhart) who loved airplanes so much, that she built one. Then, she used the airplane to fly to 15 different countries such as Brazil, Kenya, Egypt, France, Finland, Russia and India all before time for dinner. Bursik paired fun alliterations regarding the countries Amelia visited including…

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  • Westboro Baptist Church Case Study

    Fred Phelps and six of his relatives belonging to the Westboro Baptist Church traveled to Maryland to specifically picket Marine Lance Corporals funeral services to communicate their beliefs that God hates the United States in reference to the military, the Catholic Church, and homosexuality. The church group picketed 30 minutes before the funeral within 1000 feet of the funeral service on public lands in compliance with local authorities [1]. In Snyder v. Phelps, 09-751 S. Ct. 1 (2011), the…

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  • Traditional Leadership Style Analysis

    The Characteristics of Leadership There are two distinguished leadership styles that will be discussed in the section – the traditional leadership and the contemporary leadership styles with the inclusions of examples. Traditional Leadership The main characteristic of traditional leadership is power; subsequently, the leader has the authority to dictate what, whom, how and when a task is to be done. The leader is at the top and the employees are on the bottom stair of power. An example of…

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  • Ernestina Chapter 7 Analysis

    In Chapter 7 we are introduced to Sam, Charles’ servant. We are also introduced to Mary, a maid of Aunt Tranter, and they meet when Ernestina was feeling unwell, so Charles decided to go exploring and tells Sam to deliver some flowers. A romance is hinted to start blooming between the two. I like the idea of the two together, besides it would keep Ernestina from thinking Mary stealing Charles from her and also limit the jealousy. But if Ernestina and Charles did not go through with their…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Scandal

    Scandal, a word that automatically has a negative connotation attached and makes you think of betrayal, and dishonesty. So why would we want characteristics such as betrayal and honesty affiliated with things you should trust the most? The answer is we don’t. Nevertheless, in many cases that has not been the case for some of our major news outlets. Like many readers if not all, we expect accuracy, facts, and clarity when reading a newspaper or listening to our favorite news outlet, whether it is…

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  • Trope Music Analysis

    One such example can be found in the Rogers-Astaire classic Swing Time (George Stevens, 1936). In the final number of the film, “Never Gonna Dance,” after an arduous off-and-on romantic connection to Penny (Ginger Rogers), Lucky (Fred Astaire) sings pleadingly to her in order to “win her back”. This musical number is among the most compelling and magical romance numbers in musical history. Part of this magic comes from the flawless, dreamlike aesthetics of the number- from the pristine…

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