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  • The Importance Of Information On Social Media

    Facebook is the new era of information. As millions of people become integrated with Facebook, information can quickly be outsourced and unfurled through society. This ever growing social media network is information central for opinions, facts and day to day activity which can be monitored by millions of people, allowing small events to become a trend in a matter of hours. For my Communication project, I used this information central to test out theories which were covered in class, and see if…

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  • You Have Been Trumped Analysis

    You Have Been “Trumped” The criteria varies for what it takes to be a successful politician, it is vastly subjective and can change in an instant. According to Webster’s Dictionary, politics is “activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government”. Most people are looking for a strong leader, one that is trustworthy, and has a detailed history of unquestionable qualifications. People want politicians that relate to their…

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  • Comparing Hersey And Blanchard's Life Cycle Theory

    In Cammalleri, Hendrick, Pittman, Blout & Prather’s article (1973) they seek to find the best leadership style and they do this by comparing two models of leadership, the Life Cycle Theory constructed by Hersey and Blanchard and the Contingency Model presented by Fiedler. The Life Cycle Theory suggests that good leadership depends on how well the leader can gage his group, making the leader’s behavior more important than his personality in terms of group success. This means the leader can…

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  • Leadership In Oedipus The King

    Is there such realistic idea of a perfect leader? While in one’s imagination, the notion of a flawless leader is an acceptable principle, humans are composed of contrasts and flaws rather than consistent, perfect virtue. The archetype of the leader suggests an idolized character (Shadraconis), but it can also be challenged. Such a scenario occurs in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, a renowned Ancient Greek Tragedy that illustrates the leadership, and the subsequent catastrophe of King Oedipus who…

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  • Presidential Debate Essay

    My Opinion On The Presidential Debate This analysis will show my opinion the presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. I will also explain the different topics that they spoke on through the examples of ethos, pathos, and logos. Then I will explain the difference between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. A few nights ago I looked at the presidential debate to see which one of our future leaders would be best for this country. As I looked at the presidential debate I…

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  • Leadership Self Evaluation Essay

    For this experiential exercise the Least Preferred Co-Worker Scale, developed by Fred Fiedler in 1978, was used to determine my own leadership style. This test is completed by thinking of a person that I have worked least well with to complete a task. The test is set up as a questionnaire and involves 18 different bipolar adjectives that would be used to describe the person that I have had the most difficulty working with on a task. In completing the questionnaire, it was determined that my…

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  • Donald Trump Name Calling Analysis

    Donald Trump was an unexpected runner for this year’s presidential election. At first, many people thought his running for the presidency was a joke. Unfortunately, as time went on, what many thought to be a joke suddenly became more serious as more and more people began to show him support and he shows no sign of dropping out anytime soon. Which is unfortunate since much of what he says is far from being presidential, let alone professional. From what I’ve seen of his speeches and debates, he…

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  • Arguments Against Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is an egotistical maniac that must not be president. Trump is a man so unqualified to be president that I think even a five-year-old can do a better job than he can. America has stooped so low into electing this crazy orange man that I don’t even think I can see rock bottom anymore. Trump is a sexist, racist, self-centered, egotistical baby who is only looking out for himself and throws little tantrums on Twitter whenever someone offends him. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of…

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  • Hillary Clinton Advertisements Analysis

    Many people think that the world is going to end. Many others have already lost faith in the U.S. Everyone is bracing themselves on what is going to happen on November 8th. The Yellowstone volcano isn’t going to erupt, nor is The San Andreas fault going to cause an 8.0 earthquake, but there is a run for presidency between Donald trump and Hillary Clinton. These two polar opposite candidates have gone head to head the whole year, and they have expressed their thoughts and ideas through…

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  • Robinson Vs Clinton Analysis

    With a critical election ahead, Americans anxiously await the results. This election impacts more than just another four years of American history; this election determines the fates of all millennium children and the strength of the economy as they enter college. Clinton’s economic plan includes making college more affordable; Trump’s plan wars with ISIS and the Middle East, depleting money from America. However, bogged down by both candidates’ scandals and characteristics, American voters…

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