Summary Of Mexico City: The Birth Of A Civil Society

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Mexico City: The Birth of a Civil Society Being one of the worst earthquake to ever hit Mexico, the 1985 Earthquake of Mexico City struck in the heart of the country and brought consequences that would later prove to shape the citizens sentiment towards the government and its officials. It sent the country into a frenzy and their inability to properly manage rescue operations proved to be fatal for the thousands of people who relied on the government to save their life and the lives of loved ones. It lead to ordinary citizens establishing themselves as unofficial government workers, taking the roles of rescue aids and policeman.The sudden need for citizens to rely on each other instead of on the people supposed to assist them, created a sort of universal human bond between those with any direct or indirect relation to the quake. Through the quake, much was revealed to the general population such as the loose enforcement of building codes and the government 's obsession with profit over people, which in turn lead people to doubt whether the government was fulfilling its role of serving and protecting the people. The earthquake has to be more than a natural disaster, but an entity that shook not only the physical wolrd but also the political one by being an integrating factor for the people of Mexico and the source of delegitimization for the Mexican government. …show more content…
Mention by it was an integrating factor and why it was a source of delegitimization for the mexican

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