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  • Essay On Ankle Sprains

    Science IV Decemeber 8, 2014 Ankle Sprains Ankle sprains are the most common injuries in the United States. Approximately 1 million ankle injuries occur each year, 85 percent of those injuries are ankle sprains. Ankle sprains occur when the foot twist in a way that causes the body weight to pressured down onto the ankle ligaments. Most victims have reported that they heard a pop or snap at the time of the incident and thought the ankle had broken. Ankle sprains are divided into 3 grades,…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Way It Haunted Me

    The Way It Haunted Me People say that good things always come in pairs, but what about bad things too? My parents, sister and I decided to visit Cedar Point during what I like to call a dark fall. The days were hazy and honeyed, and cinnamon and pomegranate aroma filled the air. The skies were always awake and illuminated with the never-ending thunderstorms, and murky rains; the scattered leaves were luminescent in their yellows, reds, and purples as if they forgot they were about to die. That…

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  • Mutual Insurance Case Study

    Jennifer McNab of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company referred this file for medical case management. Instructions were given to meet with Susan Iversen and assist with coordination of appropriate and related medical care, and identify needs to facilitate recovery. INTERVIEW SETTING On 10/24/16 I met Ms. Iversen at her home. She is alert and oriented. Ms. Iversen was willing to work with a nurse case manager and provide history and current medical information. MEDICAL FACTORS Ms.…

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  • Plantarflex And Gerontology Research Paper

    the foot, put simply this can be defined as flexion of the foot in an upward movement or direction which occurs at the ankle. If you imagine the foot being in a horizontal position, the toes are higher than the heel when the foot is in this position. As a result of injury or scar tissue that can build up along the fascia of overused muscles, a loss of range of motion within the foot is often seen amongst many patients. This often leads to inefficient and compromised movement in both the foot and…

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  • Basketball Shoes Research Paper

    Basketball shoes have changed in many wears over the past few decades. From style, price, accessories, and shape have changed in every single day. Shoes have become more bright, light, and tight. Prices have gone 100$ up. There have been new and more accessories on your shoes. When basketball first became popular, they wore shoes like we wear everyday. Today, we have shoes that are made for basketball and we only wear it for basketball. When basketball shoes change, so do prices. Today, an…

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  • Uniform Fracture Research Paper

    Cuneiform Fracture The cuneiform bones are the bones in the middle of the foot that make up the arch. A cuneiform fracture is a break or crack in one of these bones. CAUSES This condition may be caused by: A sudden twisting of your foot. A fall onto your foot. Dropping a heavy object on your foot. Overuse or repetitive exercise. RISK FACTORS This condition is more likely to develop in people who: Play contact sports. Have a bone disease. Have a low calcium…

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  • Spiral Fracture Research Paper

    force. Most of these occur when a body is in motion and the affect part is groundly planted. Many of these accidents occur during sports. There is a speific kind of fall for each way a person can fall on a planted foot. One of the most common for metatarsals when they roll under the foot is referred to as a ballerina fall. As bad as this sounds most of these fractures are aligned and do not require any kind of surgery. Most are cleaned up by the body in natural times. If the fracture in the…

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  • Pointe Shoes Research

    Written Report: Three Main Parts of the Pointe Shoe Looking upon the many papers on the floor of the dance room, I saw many topics that I was interested in; however, the topic of pointe shoes caught my attention the most because they are what allow a ballerina to look so light and elegant when dancing on their toes. I was surprised to find out how sturdy the shoes actually are, with all the different types of material they are made of including paper, cardboard, burlap, fabric, and glue. These…

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  • Tailor's Bunion Case Study

    progressive condition, which means that it will worsen over time. It will develop in the area where the small toe connects to your foot. You will often notice a visible bump on the side…

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  • Big Toe Research Paper

    or poor foot structure Women are more likely to develop bunions more than Men because they usually wear tighter shoes Symptoms include: Redness on the bottom of big toe or ball of foot Swelling Pain Feeling of Warmness Call a doctor to schedule and x-ray when pain is present and it is uncomfortable to walk or wear shoes Results of the x-ray will determine if blood tests for Arthritis…

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