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  • How Does Soccer Impact My Life

    The FIFA video game has impacted my life by growing my interest in soccer and connecting me to my friends and family. FIFA grew my interest in soccer by showing me how much fun and impressive soccer can be. It helped connect me to friends and family by making us able to relate through soccer. The FIFA video game has been able to impact me because of its popularity in the world, its game development, and the awards it has won. Without FIFA, my interest in soccer might not be as high, my ability to play soccer might not be as high, and the connection between my friends and family might not be as high. The series of FIFA video games was created by Electronic Arts (EA) Sports. The first FIFA video game was released in 1993 and was called FIFA International Soccer. EA Sports has created many different sports video games. They include Madden NFL (American football), PGA Tour (golf), and NHL (hockey). Madden NFL is the most popular sports video game in the United States with FIFA close behind and gaining popularity very rapidly. FIFA has been passing many videogames in order to be the second most popular in the world including NBA most recently. There were at least nine different soccer videogames before the first FIFA video game that greatly influenced the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ubisoft

    to examine is Ubisoft. Ubisoft is a French video game company which established in 1985, and now becomes one of the biggest video games company around the world. Like some of the other companies, at the first stage, Ubisoft did not have a lot of good games, until, in 2007, they published Assassin’s Creed. This game also started a new age in the game industry, until September 2016, they sold more than one hundred million copies of this game series, and make this game become one of the most…

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  • Video Game Industry Essay

    The computer game industry is getting bigger everyday with people buying new video game consoles everyday all around the world. The video game industry began back in 1971 with the release of arcade games such as Pac-man and Pong. People began to get addicted to arcade games and would spend long periods of time playing them in the arcade. People would spend so long playing arcade games because they were easy and enjoyable to play. The first commercially successful video game was Pong, it sold…

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  • Why Do Video Games Be A Sport?

    The reason gaming can be a sport is because competitive multiplayer which is a great example why video games should be a sport, there are many different competitors trying to beat each other to win competitions like tournaments or championships. Also because eSports does make it a kind of a sport by allowing different teams to compete against each other for prizes like money. The benefits of having video games as a sport are when competing in multi-player tournaments or championships in video…

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  • Video Game Addiction Case Study

    Addiction is very complex. It can be described as a series of damaging activities one does to themselves, that negatively impacts their individual life and the lives of those around them (NIDA 2012). Addiction can be further classified as the repeated action or ingestion of something that alerts one’s mood. Video game addiction is described as an impulse control disorder, similar to pathological gambling (UPH 2016). The concept of Internet addiction as a disorder was initially proposed by Ivan…

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  • Effects Of Video Games On Teenagers

    Video game are very popular all around the world. It have become a daily activities of many teenager and adult all over the world. “Today 97% of teens in the U.S. play video games, and sales of games are growing. The domestic video game industry brings in nearly $12 billion a year” (The Impact of Video Games 2). Video games are great way for entertainment. It have been around us for many years. Not only kids are playing video game but also adult too. Video games can be very addicted. As a gamer…

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  • Gender Equality In America

    Video games are including female characters at an unprecedented rate, and this is reflective of the popular culture’s evolving depiction of gender equality. One of the very first video games ever created was Pong in the early 1970’s. The goal was to use the paddle to hit the ball past the opponent and score. When evaluating these early games like Pong the gender equality portrayed in it is clearly not evident. That mythology comes later in time when the gaming industry is evolved enough to…

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  • Can Video Games Change The Way People Behave Essay

    Logan Coach Humanities Block 15 December 1, 2014 Can Video Games Change the Way People Behave? 1.2 billion people play video games because they’re addictive, entertaining, and fun. (Venturebeat, “More than 1.2 Billion People Are Playing Video Games,” page 2). Many people play video games for different reasons, such as to relieve stress, avoid schoolwork, chores, which could get out of hand. Brian Knight, one of the authors from the book, The Ultimate History of Video Games, remarked,…

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  • Johnny Higinbotham Biography

    the TV playing his game. Then slam, “Johnny!” his mother yells coming through the door just getting home from work. “IM NOT GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN” she yells, but still no answer. She walked to Johnny’s room and took the controller out of his hand. “I know you heard me calling you!” she yells. “No I didn’t” he says back. “Why haven’t you took out the trash…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Violent Video Games

    Violent video games are known to have both negative and positive effects on individuals. According to Pediatric Clinics of North America, “playing violent video games can prime aggressive thoughts, increase positive attitudes toward violence, and help create a hostile attribution.” However, there are some pros of video games. Video games can improve their ability to evaluate tasks and information as well as define motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Games can help both children and adults…

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