How Does Soccer Impact My Life

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The FIFA video game has impacted my life by growing my interest in soccer and connecting me to my friends and family. FIFA grew my interest in soccer by showing me how much fun and impressive soccer can be. It helped connect me to friends and family by making us able to relate through soccer. The FIFA video game has been able to impact me because of its popularity in the world, its game development, and the awards it has won. Without FIFA, my interest in soccer might not be as high, my ability to play soccer might not be as high, and the connection between my friends and family might not be as high.
The series of FIFA video games was created by Electronic Arts (EA) Sports. The first FIFA video game was released in 1993 and was called FIFA International Soccer. EA Sports has created many different sports video games. They include Madden NFL (American football), PGA Tour (golf), and NHL (hockey). Madden NFL is the most popular sports video game in the United States with FIFA close behind and gaining popularity very rapidly. FIFA has been passing many videogames in order to be the second most popular in the world including NBA most recently.
There were at least nine different soccer videogames before the first FIFA video game that greatly influenced the
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The game could change into holograms, or they could come with their own tables that project different players. They could eventually add colors to the holograms to make it easier to see the differences between each player. There will probably be new teams being added in each league/country. The game could also start to develop different skill moves that players do in the actual game. The FIFA video game will probably pass Madden NFL Football as the most popular sports video game in the United States. This could cause the United States Men’s National Team to be one the power houses in the world and eventually win their first World

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