Professional Football

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Americas the Greatest Event

Professional football has had a huge impact on America. Since its first professional game in the fall of 1892, the country would never be the same. This can be seen on the very first expense sheet shown from that game that this was going to be something special. That there was going to be a lot of money involved in this game. Which was going to have a major influence on the people, economy and the players itself; this is why the first professional football game is the most important because it has changed the ways of American economics, fighting to lower childhood obesity, and the game teaches the importance of values needed for life. The game of professional football has changed the way of television. This change
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The simple fact that football is a very active game that requires a lot of different exercises’ in order to be at the top of your game; so because of the national media attention pro football has they saw this problem and wanted to make a difference so they are combating this through their own program called NFL Play 60. Their main goal is to have kids exercise for 60 minutes a day. They also have their fuel up to play 60 programs which is a department of this mass company and is influencing children in schools to make better decision with their food choices and portion sizes. Then they also have created flag football leagues and competitions to want the kids to be more active and involved. They have also partnered with big time organizations such as the American Heart association united way in which Along with them is the United Way and through their Living Untied program Vanessa Muzak Teskey insists that:” will grow the number of healthy youth by one-third by 2018.’’ All of them tackling different aspects in which they specialize in order to help combat this problem. They do to the popularity of the players in their respective cities they can also go to the schools to explain and interact with the kids to show them that the healthy lifestyle is a better way for them to live their life and to influence their friends to all make better choices in order to have a healthier and better …show more content…
So in the real world, this won’t be a problem for them compared to a fellow person who doesn’t have that discipline. The other values learned from this great game are the goal of preference and setting-goals they both go hand in hand. In which when you set a goal to get better on tackling in football you need the perseverance to practice every day on your tackling form and to get better at it in order to become a better football player. Which correlates straight into the workplace after their time in the game is over. Now this game is one of the best games ever created and played in our great country. It has caused and developed so much in the merchandising, ticket sales and development of Television and its contracts. Then with the fight against the growing problem of childhood obesity’ Which led them to create the NFL Play 60 programs and all of their other departments of it and partnering with other huge companies to try to cut those numbers down and make the future generations healthy. Then the games being a teacher and mentor in its own right, with helping them develop all of these values and traits that they can take on with them for many years after they are done playing the great

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