Video Game Industry Essay

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The computer game industry is getting bigger everyday with people buying new video game consoles everyday all around the world. The video game industry began back in 1971 with the release of arcade games such as Pac-man and Pong. People began to get addicted to arcade games and would spend long periods of time playing them in the arcade. People would spend so long playing arcade games because they were easy and enjoyable to play. The first commercially successful video game was Pong, it sold over 19,000 arcade cabinets. That same year we saw the introduction of the first home video game console called the Magnavox odyssey. This console introduced games such as Space Invaders. When Space Invaders was introduce the popularity of arcade games …show more content…
Microsoft publisher the Xbox 360, Sony published the Play Station 3 and Nintendo published the Nintendo Wii. These new consoles made a massive increase in the gaming Market this is because they were the first consoles in which you interact with other all around the world being able to talk, play and even visually seeing others, they were also it was the first time you could also play your games in High Definition (HD). High definition makes a huge difference while gaming because the camera is just like you are watching it on TV. Games such as FIFA and GTA are exceptionally good in HD. The Nintendo Wii was a huge success when it was released. It was the real first console that you physically had to move about to control the game, one big problem about playing video games it that it isn 't physically healthy for you, because you just sat down and moved your hands and fingers. But with the Wii you had to moved about and swing your arms and legs about and this is one of the main reasons it got such good reviews. Wii sports was hugely popular with the Wii because you played sports such as, Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and boxing just like you would but in a game. Xbox and Play station have tried to copy this, with introducing Kinect and move but they haven’t been as popular as the

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