Video Games Should Be Banned Essay

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Introduction: "They are melting your brain." "They are ruining your eyes." "They are turning you into a violent person." Violent video games are bad for kids, for they can give off bad effect to many children, and many parents are against that and want to ban violent games to help decrease violence. Over 90% of kids in the United States play video games, according to CNN, the studies of physiological groups took these reports. Video games are violent because violent games give off negative effects to physical health, also video games make people addicted to the games.
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A reason why violent video games are bad is that it can lead to health problems. To better understand the situation, there are many side effects and one of them is that it can damage your eyesight vision. In the
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Violent video games are bad because they can really hurt your back when not sitting properly. Violent video games should be banned for kids because of all of the bad health risks, and addiction. Do you really think violent video is promoting violence? In the context, “Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?” by (, it says Playing violent video games causes more aggression, bullying, and fighting. All in all, people should ban violent video games.
Violent games are bad for kids of all ages, for it can have negative, bad effects on children. This topic has been a controversy for many parents, and adults for years, about whether video games should be banned or should not be banned. Video games are bad for kids of all ages and should be banned because violent games have been known to give off negative physical and mental health issues and violent games start to get addicted very easily. Now, would you let our future generation play hours, on end, playing video games, and even as a result of that be negatively

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