The Controversy Of Banning Violent Video Games

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Imagine this: “You’re sitting at home, trying to finish one more game of COD, when all of the sudden, you hear a knock on the front door. You’re mother opens it and standing there are two police officers. They explain to her that someone under the age of eighteen has been playing violent video games. They then proceed to search the house and, after finding you with the game, proceed to cuff your mother and take her out to the squad car.” Sounds very outlandish right? But, what if this could be a real possibility in the near future? Banning violent video games was mostly a dead topic that wasn’t really discussed, and it wasn’t until the Columbine Shooting that people started fueling the debate to how large it is today.
Violent video games are not the cause for such acts of violence, however, because there is no way to directly link the games to the violence that has been committed in society. Violent video games have been taking the heat for many violent crimes in these last couple of years due to the simple fact that “The perpetrator played violent video games.” First off, using such a statement would be somewhat relative
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Studies have proven, however, that video games have the least amount of effectiveness towards making people violent when compared to other forms of violent entertainment, such as action/horror movies and books. Studies have shown that violent movies have a 40% rate of violent aggression, and that violent books have a rate of about 30%, while violent video games only have about a 20% rate of aggression (Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?). These numbers have been proven in many different tests by many different scientists many different times, and they’ve all came up with the same conclusion, and that is that the violence of the games has nothing to do with the violence of the

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