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  • Informative Essay: The Civil War In Syria

    could involve multiple countries and nearby states A)There was an incident which involved sarin being released into the air. Accusations were pointed at Syria's own government and army. Sarin is a colorless, odorless gas so the Syrians didn't know they were under attack until the symptoms started; eventually the lungs of people who had inhaled sarin would stop working which resulted in loss of the brain, their muscles would stop working- they would die if they weren't 'treated' but even the hospitals didn't have the proper tools. (n.p. "A Crime Against Humanity". 60 Minutes. CBSNews. 19 April 2015. Web. 10 November 2015) B) Turkey was dragged deeper into the conflict after a deadly bomb went off. Steven Cook, a senior fellow of the Eni Enrico Mattei Chair, stated that the country is "tearing itself apart in a war with itself." (Metz, Steven. "The Syria's War Three Nightmare Scenarios Becoming Harder to Avoid", EBSCOhost. n.d. Web. 9 November 2015) IV) The violence has not helped solve the situation. A)Russia has bombed Syria, saying that the bombs intended for ISIS but instead the bombs had a large affect on the civilians. (Karimi, Faith. "Russia bombs Syrian targets for 4th day as international concern grows", CNN. 3 October 2015. Web. 9 November 2015) B) There is small wars within a large civil war. Major rebel groups, such as the jihadists of the Islamic State and al-Nursa Front, are fighting the government and small rebel groups fight each other. Living in this chaos…

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  • The Importance Of Nuclear Energy

    On December 12, 2015, the world came together in Paris and for the first time addressed global warming. It was determined that the world’s goal by 2050 would be to keep global temperature increases under 2 degrees Celsius. With such high expectations, the US and other countries around the world need to invest in new power producing technologies in order to phase out the fossil fuel industry. While renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are the best long term solutions, their unreliable,…

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  • Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Research Paper

    One of the largest environmental disasters in world history happened on March 11, 2011. The site was the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake was experienced off the northeastern coast of Japan, and this triggered tsunamis that affected shorelines within minutes. Dozens of villages alongside 200 miles of coastline were substantially destroyed. Waves measuring more than 40 feet struck the Fukushima nuclear power plant, located only 150 miles from Tokyo. The…

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  • The Influence Of The Manhattan Project

    “The Manhattan Project” was a former research project that was responsible for developing the first atomic bombs during World War II, with the support of the United Kingdom and Canada from 1942 to 1945 . General Leslie Groves of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer were in-charge of the Project . The members of the committee combined their expertise, technology, science and finance. The success of the Manhattan Project was when a uranium bomb called “Little…

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  • Nuclear Reactors

    time. But this did not deter some scientists from the dream of one day finding a way to use radioactive elements to produce electricity.” However, the situation was changed in the late 1930s after discovery of nuclear fission. The discovery of the neutron by James Chadwick in 1932 was immediately recognized as a potential tool for nuclear experimentation because of its lack of an electric charge. In 1934 experimentation using this new discovery, neutron with varies of materials by a team of…

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  • The China Syndrome Essay

    In his 1979 film, The China Syndrome, James Bridges brilliantly exposes the danger and room for secrecy that coincides with the large scale production of nuclear energy. And, though the film is fictional, its release date’s synchronization with The Three Mile Island nuclear plant accident in Pennsylvania works to bridge the film’s content into real life relevancy. Not only is the film exciting, as it keeps one on the edge of his or her seat, but the information that it releases about the science…

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  • Bizet's Carmen Character Analysis

    Introduction to Opera Compare the characters of Carmen and Micaëla in Carmen. What are the differences between them, how is this expressed in the music, and do you think the outcome is inevitable? Introduction Bizet's Carmen is an Opera in four acts, first performed at the Opéra-Comique in Paris on 3 March with a plot based on the 1845 novella by Mérimée. Today it stands as one of the most popular french operas of all time.The Opera explores the relationship between the enchanting Carmen and…

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  • Madame Butterfly Comparison

    The opera Madame Butterfly written by Giacomo Puccini is a story about a young maiden from Japan who is in an arranged marriage to Lieutenant B. F. Pinkerton a soldier in the U.S. Navy. Lieutenant Pinkerton sees the marriage as a business deal, purchasing a house and servants, as well as receiving the fair maiden Madame Butterfly as a wife. Yet, Madame Butterfly believes that Lieutenant Pinkerton is marrying her for love. Not long after their marriage, Lieutenant Pinkerton tells Madame Butterfly…

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  • Nuclear Energy Research Papers

    nuclear weaponry and U-238 can be changed into fissionable plutonium in breeder reactors Stated in the article, “Uranium.” According to the biographical article, in 1938, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann discovered how to create a nuclear fusion, a nuclear reaction in which atomic nucleus of low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus. Also in the biography of Otto Hahn it was said that they discovered the fission of uranium and thorium in medium heavy atomic nuclei and his first work on…

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  • Nuclear Energy: Pros And Cons

    Nuclear Energy: Pros and Cons Jovencey St.Fleur 11th Grade Tabachynsky Deerfield Beach High School 2015-2016 Physics I H 20033900 ________________________________________________________________________ I am submitting my own work and have acknowledged each use of the words, graphics, or ideas of another person through citations and a bibliography. Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ …

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