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  • Irena Sendler's Life Shaped Their Commitment To Social Justice

    included communists, Czechoslovaks, Greeks. Gypsies, Handicapped, Homosexuals, Jews, Mentally ill, Negroes, Poles, Prostitutes, Russians, Serbs, Socialists, Spanish Republicans, Trade Unionists, Ukrainians and Yugoslavs. Once the Warsaw Ghetto was built and all the Jews were forced into the “cage”, Sendler could no longer help them without getting caught. Then she saw children inside unacceptable conditions. So she joined an underground organization of Poland is resistance. The resistance called the Zegota, consisted mostly of men and Irena was one of the first people to join. Irena Sendler also wanted to help because she knew the fate of the people inside; death. What methods did Irena use to try to effect change? Sendler’s first effort to help the Jews was to give them shelter and food. Since she was in the Warsaw Social Welfare Department, she passed out canteens for water. However, for the needy, she put medicine, money and clothing inside. Sendler’s second effect was to join the Zegota, a Council to Aid Jew and directed all efforts to get the young children out, of the enclosed area. Sendler’s most successful effort was becoming a “nurse” at the Ghetto, from there she brought food, clothing and medicine for the people. When she realized that people were still dying, she began to smuggle them out, using an ambulance, potato sacks, coffins, tool bags and on occasion she would take the children into a church with two exits. Once they were out of the ghetto, she provided…

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  • Why Did Irena Sendlerowa Enter The Warsaw Ghetto

    war efforts, especially for her role in Żegota where she was responsible for the children’s section.3 She began working as a social worker at the onset of World War Two, which two years later proved to be a substantial benefit.3 An outbreak of the typhus disease, with an average of 750 Jews dying in the Warsaw Ghetto per day, resulted in the Germans becoming apprehensive about whether it would be transmitted further into Warsaw.8,14 Thus, in efforts to reduce the advancement of the disease, the…

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  • Irena Sendler Research Paper

    offered her mother help in paying for Irena education. Sendler studied polish literature at Warsaw University. She married Mieczyslaw sendler in 1931,but got a divorced after she married Stefan Zgrzembski, they had 3 kids and later got a divorced. On May 12,2008 Irena died at Warsaw poland at the age of 98. In 1940 the Warsaw Ghetto was formed about 450,000 people were forced into that area. In 1942 the Nazis herder hundreds to thousands of Jews into a 16-block area. Irena was so appalled to…

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  • Short Story: The Nazi Soldier's Journey

    luxury of a quick glance at him, reassuring herself he could play his part convincingly, an infant girl's life was relying on it. The young man appeared bored and impatient to move along, exactly as he should be. A retaining wall of the Catholic Church that straddled the Aryan/Jewish divide needed repair and this was his destination. Amongst his load of bricks was a large carpenter's toolbox, air holes had been drilled along the sides and top, and currently it was empty. Upon their leaving for…

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  • Irena Sendler's Efforts To Do Good In The Modern Day

    While some chose to stand by and be spectators of the horrid events happening in the Holocaust, others decided to acknowledge the fact that innocent people were being murdered. Irena Sendler was a part of the numerous resistance efforts against the Nazis. Generally, resistance efforts consisted of hiding people in homes, putting up anti-Nazi propaganda, and so on. Irena Sendler stands out among the rest because of her willingness to help others, her endeavor to smuggle children into freedom, and…

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  • Unveiling Past Heroes: The Holocaust

    She joined Zegota when the Warsaw Ghetto consisting of 500,000 Jews was built in 1942 and the cruelty towards the Jews shook her into taking immediate action. She consistently visited the Ghetto to provide the prisoners with medicine, food and clothing. However, despite her efforts approximately 5,000 Jews still died with each passing month. Irena Sendler then decided that she had to get the children out to safety and provide them with a new life. With the help of her associates from the Social…

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  • The Holocaust: The Lasting Time During The Holocaust

    “Can you guarantee they will live?” Sendler responded by saying, “I can guarantee if they stay, they will die.” Sendler still hears the cries of the young children when they parted with their parents in her dreams. Sendler had a jar filled with the childrens’ names who she saved. One night, the Gestapo arrived to Sendler’s home, and Sendler had to hide the lists. Fortunately, one of Sendler’s helpers, who was at her house at the time, hid the list in her clothing. When the Nazis found out about…

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  • The Nazi Holocaust In German Occupied Europe

    During WWII (1939-1945), many non-Jewish people recognised the extent of anti-Semitic behaviour, and aimed to work against the Nazi Holocaust in German Occupied Europe. To begin, as described in Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre, most non-Jewish people in occupied Europe did take part in the Nazi scheme (Yad Vashem, 2014). These bystanders did notice the severe discrimination of the Jewish people, however, they did not assist as they were too frightened to help, as even…

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  • Irena Sendler Speech

    as a social worker to help the Jewish community being forced into the ghettos by helping the ill. She realized that there is not a person on this earth that deserves to have their heartbeat be muted or their feelings be buried. This 4`11 woman was born in the heart of Poland in a little town that went by the name Otwock. This 99 year of town is were Irena spent many decades of her 98 year long life, but got cut of when she decided to attend the University of Warsaw, kicking off her life as a…

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  • Irena Sendler's Impact On Society

    the Council was called Zegota and Irena became one of its main activists. The council played an important role in the rescue of those who survived the massive deportations. The organization took care of thousands of Jews who were trying to survive in hiding, seeking hiding places, and paying for the upkeep and medical expenses By September 1943, the Warsaw ghetto was completely destroyed, Sendler was appointed director of Zegota’s Department for the Care of Jewish Children. Sendler, contacted…

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