Informative Essay: The Civil War In Syria

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I) Wars are unpredictable; they can range from massive to small- either way, a war is a conflict that can drastically affect the lives of people. Occasionally we are unaware about the wars that are destroying the lives of others yet we can't escape the reality of the bloodshed that is the result of war; we are eventually informed about what is occurring. Sometimes we do multiple attempts to lend a hand, but other times our minds are not completely wrapped around the issue at hand which makes it hard to assist those who are witnessing the war firsthand. One example is the war in Syria; it has been going on for four years yet it seems like we were finally aware of its destruction when the picture of the three year old, Aylan Kurdi, was shown to the public. The picture did spread awareness to the world about the issue at hand but it slowly faded away. Therefore, today I'm going to talk about the civil war in Syria. II) …show more content…
It's sad that we might to see another picture of a young child whose life has been crumbled by war to understand what is happening; imagine how desperate these people must feel. They've worked all their life to gain money just to give it up instantly to get away from their homes, sometimes they don't even fulfill their journey- they are scammed, they are injured and betrayed; how can they still hold onto hope? They do it for their family, the family that they might lose on the harsh journey. What do they want? Safety. Wouldn't we also want to be safe after living in fear? The best we can do is inform others about the issue so that we can welcome refugees with open arms. We won't be able to stop the civil war in Syria but we will be able to help the refugees feel safe, we can give hope to

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