Refugees In 'Inside Out And Back Again'

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The novel Inside Out and Back Again, by Lai connects with refugees all over the world through the focus of the main character Ha. Refugee’s like Ha are people who are forced to leave their homes due to war and persecution. Refugees who are escaping the dangers of home face many challenges similar to Ha’s, no matter if it was 1,000 years ago or if it is right now. Some challenges Ha and her family faced were losing a loved one, facing bullying, and becoming accepted into the community.
Ha was an independent and envious girl in Vietnam. When Mother told Ha she couldn’t be the first to awaken had didn’t rely on Mother’s authority and tapped her toe on the ground first. ‘’...Mother insisted one of my brothers must rise first...I decided
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Ha shows fortitude in adverse moments like when Pink Boy tries to get his cousin to beat Ha up. ‘’Pink Boy has gotten his sixth-grade cousin… to agree to beat me up… I have a plan.’’, (Lai, Pg. 221). Ha shows fortitude because she wasn’t afraid when there was adversity with her and Pink Boy. Ha is more shows a more popular personality now that she is back again. An example of her popular personality is, ‘’ … someone is always saving lunch seats for me… someone is always inviting us to a party…’’,(Lai, Pg. 229). How Ha coming back again relates to other refugees experiences coming back again because in the end a lot of refugees get to experience life like ‘’normal’’ again, also other children refugees become popular and make friends like Ha did, too. In Children of War, the children report how their lives in America have been turned back again. ‘’Here, people don’t judge you…’’, (Brice, Children of War). Refugees can happily report not feeling judged. Their lives have been turned back again from their terrible and difficult experiences. Both Ha and many other refugee children alike are coming back again from their difficult

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