The Refugee Camp Chapter Summary

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Main Events
- Parvanna was burrying her father when a man saw her.
The man kept Parvanna to live with him and his family.
Since she had no where to go she stayed with them.
One night one of the man's daughter told her to escape because her dad and is friends were planning to sell her to the Talibans.
She escaped from the shelter of the man and started her journey which is to search for her family.
- When she was travelling, she found a bomb village.
She looked for food in shelter's that had been bomb to take with her as she continue her journey.
While she was searching for food, she also found a baby and she named him Hassan.
Parvanna took Hassan with him because she saw Taliban Soldiers coming.
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As they were walking, they saw a family that had a baby too. The family couldn't offer anything to the kids because they were as poor as them instead, the family pointed where the camp refugees are.
- When they got to to refugee camp, they saw a lot of people just like them. The nurse in the refugee camp took Hassan first because he is not in a very good condition. They got bread, some soap, water, and a tent.
- One day they heared planes flying through the sky. This time, the planes were dropping yellow packages and not bombs. People from the camp came around and just stared at the package because they were afraid that they will get bomb if they touch the yellow package. The yellow package unfortunately landed on the mine field. Leila saw the yellow package and she ran straight towards the package. Parvana tried to stop Leila. She told that to Asif, at the same time she heard loud exlosions from the field. It was too late, Leila got bombed in the mine field. Parvana raced to Leila and carried her back to the camp.She sat beside her and cried out loud. Parvana heared a woman asking who they were and who`s kids do they belong to. Parvana knew that voice from before. It was her mother. She cried because of 2 reasons. Happiness and

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