Courage In The Kite Runner

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A father and son duo sit together in a dark metallic van. The boy shakes with fear while he grasps his father’s arm. Suddenly, the van stops, and the heavy doors swing open. The son watches a soldier make suggestive looks toward a woman nearby that make him feel queasy. The father stands up and defends the woman. The terrified son thinks his father will die for his act of bravery, when the soldier points a gun at the father’s head. The son begs his father to sit down, but the father will not budge. Luckily, the soldier’s superior tells him off, and the father is graciously thanked by the woman’s husband. Amir and Baba experienced this situation. Baba is brave in this scene while Amir is a coward who did not want to stand up to the soldier and risk losing Baba. Many people in the world are cowards, and Amir is proven to be one. Amir is full of fear in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, but he finds courage throughout the journey of his life. When Amir is young, he is as courageous as a mouse. As a child, Amir does not stick up for himself, “he [Amir] never fights back. Never” (22). Hassan is always the one to save him. The first time Amir and Hassan …show more content…
He can attempt to save his nephew, Sohrab, from Assef. “I don’t want to go to Kabul,” are some of the first words to come from Amir’s mouth regarding the idea (220). Amir does not want to find Sohrab. ”Why me? Why can’t you pay someone here to go?” is the argument Amir tries to fight with Rahim Khan (221). Amir tries to push finding Sohrab onto someone else. Amir goes as far to say “Maybe Baba was right” (221). He agrees with the time Baba had called him a coward. Eventually, Rahim Khan convices Amir to go and save Sohrab. “I told him I would go to Kabul” (227). In the end of the argument, Amir stays to find Sohrab. Because Amir’s bravery starts to show, he gains a wife and finds himself in the task to save a young boy’s

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