Persuasive Essay On Refugees

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America has always let in people from all around the world and we shouldn’t allow terrorist to scare us because that is what they want. I have seen that so far none of the refugees have done anything to the U.S. This shows that there is no big reason to not let them in and show we should be obligated to help them. America should always help those in need and be brave to help other when people are afraid to help them.

Some people think that we should not allow them in and that they pose to much of a threat. But, the thing is that terrorist want us to not allow them and want us to be scared of them possibly pretending to be a refugee:” It is very important...that we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism” ( We shouldn’t start being too afraid to help people and start blaming the Syrian refugees for something they don’t mean to cause.
When things are too risky and can endanger a lot of people you shouldn’t do it. I have seen on the news that many places around the world are having terrorist attacks in countries that are allowing syrian refugees in. This shows that we shouldn’t allow them in because other countries are being victims of terrorist attacks so in order to protect our country from danger we must not allow them to be here. Our own
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But, this can just end up backfiring and allow terrorist in to the United States and attack us:”Republicans are putting president Barack Obama and his party on the defensive over accepting Syrian refugees, following reports that one of the terrorist involved in the Paris entered Europe as part of the wave of Syrians fleeing civil war”( We shouldn’t allow them in because there will be attacks on the U.S. just like the one in Paris and will cause a big national security

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