Syrian Refugees Crisis Essay

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Recently there have been increasing talks of refugees and whether we should allow them into our country or not. This issue was brought up suddenly because of the Syrian Refugee crisis. This crisis is a global issue and most Americans pretend that it does not affect them in any way because they are oceans apart, which simply is not true. As Americans, we should be doing more to help these people in distress, people who have lost their family, homes, and loved ones. But our politicians continue to spread the false truth about these refugees with big talks of security risks claiming they could be radical Islamists, also economic risks, and that we are not responsible since we didn 't create the crisis. America has always been the land of opportunities …show more content…
This number could very well change or be zero under a new presidency considering this is an election year and by February next year we will have our new President. So after looking at the security risks which are very low, what other excuses do we have to deny refugees asylum in our country? One might bring up the effects these refugees could have on our economy. If we consider the small amount of refugees we are taking in there really is no economic downside. Currently, the U.S population is above 300 million people, the unemployment rate is around 5% which is the lowest it has been since the economic crisis of 2008 and there is a good steady output of jobs ("Employment Situation Summary."). And these refugees will get jobs and pay taxes and other duties just like the rest of us do. So when one considers all of these factors and the small numbers of refugees that are coming into our country we realize that there is no economic harm. Especially when Canada is taking in more refugees than us and they have a population of about 35 million("Canada."), which is less than California 's 39 million(Bureau, US Census.). So one can safely make the argument that we should be taking in more

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