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  • Internal Conflict In Lolita

    Literature often portrays and focuses on the characters that have many conflicts, and in this case they are internal conflicts. This perspective is noticed in “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, “Ethan Frome” by Edith Wharton, and “Dead Poets Society” (script written by Tom Schulman). These writers focused on the theme of moral uncertainty with their main characters to compare and contrast what a person should believe in or do and what that person actually wants to do. Moral uncertainty is bound to be…

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  • Character Analysis Of Ali In What's My Name Fool

    Former heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson commented that,“I came to see that I was a fighter and he was history” (Remnick 299). Patterson and Ali were rivals in boxing and even had personal conflict, but even he could see that Muhammad Ali was more than a boxer because he was a nonconformist committed to breaking the expectations that society put upon him. He was one of the first public figures to speak out against the draft for the Vietnam War, he was a member of the nation of Islam, and he…

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  • Racism In Canadian History

    Did you know that the wealth gap for white families compared to African American families from 1984-2009 tripled from $85,070 to $236,500? According to Brandeis study, it showed that the average white household had a net worth of $265,000, eight times more than an average African American household with theirs being only $28,500.This is an example of how racism has changed but things still the same as people still have a preference in their whether they know it or not but throughout the year's…

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  • Does Black Lives Matter Exist

    Why are people proving the world right by displaying how history repeats itself? It is 2016 and African Americans are still getting treated like they do not belong and have plenty to show for that. The world continues to demonstrate how African Americans, whether a teenager or an adult, are still getting killed. It seems to be hard to admit or say it out loud, but the white murderers are still getting away with it. White people have always put shame to Negros and it still continues, 500 years…

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  • The Importance Of Racism In Literature

    Willie would be considered just another African American that was unjustly killed like Emmett Till, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and thousands more. In this paper I argue that seemingly not much has changed in today’s society. There are still clear racial inequalities that plague American minorities today that could become worse with the upcoming…

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  • American Society During The Cold War

    The Cold War brought a powerful impact and anxiety towards the American Society between 1945 to 1975. The Cold War developed due to the opposite values between the United States and Soviet Union. The United States represented "capitalism, free market, private enterprise, individual liberty, and open political system"(Lecture#10). While the Soviet Union beliefs were "communism, state planning, state enterprise, community good, single party/limits on dissent" (Lecture#10). The United States and…

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  • Nay Zeolite Essay

    1. Introduction It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the importance of zeolites, especially aluminum rich ones including A, X and Y types [1]. Y zeolite is widely used as catalyst or catalyst support but a proper post treatment process such as dealumination should be carried out [2, 3] to increase Si to Al molar ratio to values over 3, which is not achievable through direct synthesis [4]. Zeolite dealumination was introduced regarding instability of the framework in acidic and aqueous…

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  • Summary Of Martin Luther King Jr.

    Let’s go back in history, to when the United States was not “land of freedom”. Let’s go back to when this country was segregated when African Americans were treated like anything, but human beings. In school, my teachers taught me multiple things. For example, that slavery started in 1619 and ended 1865, after the 13th amendment was ratified. The thirteenth amendment abolished slavery or any involuntary servitude. After the thirteenth amendment was ratified, and African Americans were “free”,…

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  • Affirmative Action Needs To Be Put To Rest Analysis

    Affirmative Action Needs To Be Put To Rest For years, men have worked hard for their wealth and power, and as a result, men like Bill Gates enter the world and conquer its riches. The thing about him, however, is that he is considered to have an advantage that everyone doesn’t have, he’s white. Because of this advantage, the push for Affirmative Action has become an uproar in our society. People fail to see that others, minorities specifically, have made a name for themselves without “special…

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  • Anne Moody: Early Childhood Experiences

    1.) Some of Anne Moody’s most important early childhood experiences were her uncle (who wasn’t much older than her) watching her and her baby sister, Adline. Her uncle, George Lee, would abuse the two children, mainly Essie Mae. George Lee would abuse the children because he wanted to play out in the woods rather than watch babies all day long. He burned down the house accidentally after telling the two young children “I’m goin’ to burn you two cryin’ fools up. The i won’t have to come here and…

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