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  • Describe The Relationship Between Speedometer And Tachometer

    Every vehicle has a number of electrical instruments. Each one varies due to the certain make and model of the vehicle with the different variations on the particular vehicle. Take a truck for instant it has a speedometer, tachometer, and transmission temperature gauge. Due to the fact that it will be towing a heavy object and be putting stress on the motor, so it doesn’t get too hot the gauge is there to protect it. Now on a sport car your two main instruments will be the speedometer and the…

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  • An Electric Circuit How Do They Work

    What is a circuit? How do they work? An electric circuit is a kind of path made up of wires that allows the flow of electrons. The circuit has to be made in a circular form, as the electrons must frequently move in a full loop, in which they will return to their original position and then complete the loop again. (“What is an electric circuit?”) The battery or another source of power provides the voltage, or ‘electrical push’, that makes the electrons move through the circuit. When the electrons…

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  • Magnets Research Paper

    Magnets are one of the fundamental items in physics. This paper is meant to provide a general overview of magnets and their uses, as well as an in depth look into certain aspects of magnetism and how they relate to everyday life. Most images of a magnet come to mind as a tiny object used for hanging things on a refrigerator. But other applications are much more useful in our society in general. They are used in all kinds of speakers, in many computer parts including hard drives (for recording…

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  • Case Study Of Rotor And Touchdown Bearing Models

    Rotor and touchdown bearing models Fig. 1 features the case study of the high-speed rotor. The photo was taken after manufacturing of the electric motor part, when the rotor was carried to the laboratory for an experimental modal analysis. During normal operation, the rotor is supported by AMBs. In the dropdown event, the rotor is in contact with touchdown bearings at both ends of the rotor. Fig. 1. Rotor under investigation. In this work, the finite element model of the rotor employs…

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  • Stray Current Corrosion Case Study

    Stray current corrosion: Stray current is the current which occurs when conductors are placed between high magnetic or electric fields. Presence of stray currents over the PCB surface can generate corrosion problems. The below figure 5 shows severe corrosion damage to micro wave module for 24 GHz. This equipment is built in controlled conditions where water condensation is possible. After few hours of use, severe corrosion was seen on the surface. Figure 5. Stray current corrosion of a micro…

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  • Magnet Essay

    When a magnet is in motion near a non-magnetic conductor such as copper and aluminium eddy currents are induced in the conductor, causing a dissipative force called magnetic braking force, or a change in magnetic flux (figure 2). This force is dependent on: The size and shape of the conductor and magnet The strength of the magnet (μ) The conductors conductivity (σ_c) The distance between the conductive surface and the magnet (d) The velocity of the magnet (v) According to Faraday’s law,…

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  • Waste Toner Case Study

    Abstract – Photocopiers make use of Toner (powder) to form the latent electrical image on the electrostatically charged drum. The paper has to slide over the drum during Xerography process and hence it picks up the toner. Vague issues cause the non-picking of toner particles (approximately 10%) and they are left over the drum. This non-picked toner is termed as Waste Toner (WT). As it adversely affects the quality of proceeding copies, this has to be removed from the drum. A cleaning blade made…

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  • How To Make A Kite Essay

    Electricity wasn’t invented it is already occurred in the nature. It was just discovered by Benjamin Franklin. His experiments (famous kite experiment) helped in building the connection between the electricity and lightning. In his experiment with kite included a kite with the key tie to the end of kite, which is connected to the Leyden jar. When the lighting struck the kite, the electric current travel down the string through the key and into the Leyden jar. We wonder that “what is there in…

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  • ECG Signal Essay

    CHAPTER 2 2.1 ELECTROCARDIOGRAM The ECG Signal is a graphical representation of the electromechanical activity of system. The various propagation action potentials within the heart produce a current flow, which generates an electrical field that can be detected, in significantly attenuated form, at the body surface, via a differential voltage measurement system. The resulting measurement, when taken with electrodes in standardized locations, is known as the electrocardiogram. The ECG signal is…

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  • Importance Of Flux Density

    Field strength or intensity is the force which maintains the magnetic flux and produces a particular value of the flux density B at that point in a magnetic field. Therefore the flux density is the cause while the flux density (B) is the effect. The flux density can be assumed proportionally to the field intensity in a magnetic field which comes in three parts. First part is: Where U stands for the permeability of force (the measure of the degree to which the magnetic line of force can…

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