Economy of the United States

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  • America's Economy Dbq

    America's Economy “We are becoming a society in which the poor tend to stay poor, no matter how hard they work;” (Document A), to countless Americans this sounds like a rigid caste society, the polar opposite of America. Yet, a considerable amount of Americans firmly assert this is the reality of America today. In reality, the economy works relatively the same as it did half a century ago, however, people today are not working as diligently nor as much. The economy, as well as the opportunity…

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  • Economic Inequality In Parable Of The Sower By Octavia Butler

    Every country around the world has economic inequality within it. The income inequality encountered in the United States in ranked sixty four in the world. The economic inequality divided in the United States has a major impact on three factors: social class, education and power amongst the citizens. The economic inequality seen in “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler reflects on how separation between poor, middle and rich class lead to a dystopian future. “Inequality for all” examines how…

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  • Keystone Pipeline Construction

    Perhaps one of the most widely debated topics, in recent years, is the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The completion of the project has been done in multiple phases and one of the last phases scheduled to be completed is the phase 4 extension. This extension would create a pipeline that would trek, around 2000 miles, from Alberta Canada to the gulf coast of Texas (Friends of the Earth). Since the pipeline would cross international borders, approval from congress would be necessary in…

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  • Golden Age Of Capitalism Dbq

    The 1930’s was a time of devastation for the US economy and for people around the world. The great depression affected many people. Millions lost their jobs and were left homeless. Unemployment was at an all time high. Families lost their homes and had no source of income. This all changed when World War II broke out. When the war started in the 1940’s, thousands were presented with the opportunity to find jobs in the military. After thousands of men left to fight the war, tons of new…

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  • Afghanistan War Negative Effects

    different ideas about the war in Afghanistan. Some people oppose the war while others propose it. “September 11 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group Al-Queda hijacked four airlines and carried out suicide attacks against the United States targets” (“9/11 Death Statistic”). The war on Afghanistan started after these attacks on 9/11. The Afghanistan war has been going on for 12 years now and is currently still active. The death toll of these attacks is 2,996 people. The…

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  • Keystone Pipeline Research Papers

    oil to if we are not willing to refine it would be China. This oil is not going to just appear there; a Canadian- Asian pipeline will be constructed to meet their demands. This means that all of the benefits the American economy was going to bring in are now going to China’s economy. Letting this happen would mean a loss of an investment of twenty billion dollars and over one-hundred thousand American jobs being lost. China already has enough of America’s money, there is no need to let them take…

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  • How Did The New Deal Affect The Economy

    On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed, as did the United States economy. It triggered one of the most severe economic depressions in American history, called the Great Depression. During this period, America faced major economic, social, and political changes, one being the change in office. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States of America and one of the first things he did during his presidency installed the New Deal. The New Deal was a collection of…

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  • Outsourcing Jobs In America

    manufacture products outside of America, our economy stabilized, we created more productivity of these products and more highly skilled white-collared service jobs. With the invention of the computer, there was a scare of those white-collared service jobs being replaced. But actually the invention of the…

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  • Nfl Role Models

    Where there was a world full of hate, the NFL found its way to the top. Because of this, it was able to produce an economic strong point for the United States and produce organizations to help communities. The NFL affects the entire world through its support of society’s youth and becoming ubiquitous. The NFL has become the most popular sport in the United…

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  • Positive And Negative Impacts Of Work In America

    Work in modern America has its positive and negative impacts. Work in America has helped increase the United States economy and globalization. However, Work in modern America has also had its negative impacts in todays United States economy and American workers. Some of the positive impacts of work in modern America includes increase in service industry, high demands for labor workers, globalization, trade unions, mass production of modern technology, job opportunities due to the advancement…

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