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  • Dispatch Department Research Paper

    As a dispatcher, being able to multitask is essential to doing their job right; they have to listen to everything the caller is telling them while giving first responders information about the situation (Runzel). A key to always remember as a dispatcher is to expect the unexpected. One moment they can be answering an accidental 911 call and the next they can be receiving a phone call from someone whose life is on the line. Dispatchers have to know police officers codes to keep them safe and know the severity of the situation the officers are responding to. There are not just mental responsibilities, but physical responsibilities as well. They are expected to sit for long periods of time; eight to twelve hour shifts are typical in the life of a dispatcher, some agencies may even have them working twenty-four hour shifts (“Police”). Being able to turn and reach for files as fast as they can is essential because when someone's life is at stake, every second…

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  • Status Of The International Airport Of Heraklion Crete, Greece

    and maintaining contact with the flight dispatcher to ensure a punctual departure. Dispatch Dispatchers play a significant – if not the most important – role in a ground handling agent’s operation. They are the main point of contact for flight crews and are responsible for the timely turnaround of an aircraft by arranging for all the services required by the airline and the flight crew. Such services include, and are not limited to, stairs, buses, lavatory & water trucks and GPU units. In…

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  • Emergency Dispatcher Essay

    Being an emergency dispatcher is not an easy task. People mistake the job of an emergency dispatcher to be easy since their primary responsibility is to answer phone calls. However, it is forgotten that these calls pertain to traumatic situations in which the dispatcher must remain calm for the sake of the caller. Despite the training dispatchers receive to remain calm, collected, and professional during all aspects of any call, they are not truly prepared to handle the stress that accompanies…

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  • 9-1 Dispatchers Essay

    A semi just wrecked and there is a fluid that is all over the highway. There are cars upside down and people are hurt. What do you do? More than likely you are going to call 9-1-1 for help. 9-1-1 Dispatchers will ask a series of questions to find out which emergency personnel to send out. These personnel are called first responders. First responders come in contact with a variety of different incidents. They are trained to use systems for identification of different hazardous materials and…

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  • Women In Law Enforcement

    profession of men and women that work together to protect and serve the communities they work in. To protect and serve, is a guiding and foundational statement for persons working in law enforcement including correctional officers, dispatchers, and narcotic detectives. (Correctional officers monitor inmates who have been deemed to be a danger to society, for the crimes that they have committed.) Correctional officers protect the…

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  • The Importance Of Dispatch Weather

    two-engine airplane, a takeoff alternate has to be no more than 1 hour of flight with one engine inoperative in still air. For a plane with more than 2 engines, takeoff alternate has to be no more than 2 hours of flight in still air with one engine inoperative. If a dispatcher determines that a takeoff alternate is required he or she would have to look at different charts such as Weather Depiction Chart to determine which airfield has favorable conditions for landing. After picking a suitable…

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  • What Is Emergency Medical Dispatch?

    Dispatch (EMD) is a system structured around the use of medical dispatching priority cards using key questions, giving pre-arrival instructions, and implementing dispatch priorities. Dispatchers are trained to ask specific questions such as patient’s age, level of consciousness,…

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  • Firefighter Case Study Essay

    I think in this case between Alameda, California and Zack’s, Zack’s family has the right to be upset with the town’s fire and police. Yes Zack wanted to take his own life but as a fire department we are there to try and save lives when someone is hurting. The news didn’t say anything that he had a weapon on him or the scene was unsafe to be close to Zack and try to calm him down to stop him from going towards the ocean. As for the town not wanting to pay overtime to its employee’s to get…

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  • What Type Of Crime: Domestic Violence

    What type of crime: Domestic violence Where? At Address: 1305 E.348 St. Call made from: Mary Sue Jones Who is involved? Mary Sue Jones and Paul Jones Two dispatchers involved. Potential victim, Mary Jones told 911 responders that her husband threw her to the ground, and punched her on the face. Dispatcher received another call from someone else about the same incident in that location. Upon arrival, I notice a red pick-up truck, parked near the drive way. Possible witnesses, two teenagers…

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  • Responsibilities Of An Immigrant

    From the perspective of the mans heart attack, I think he should have expected the ambulance to arrive promptly. If seven minutes went by and the ambulance still haven't arrived, but then his wife calls the fire station to have their medical team sent out in one minute?! That should be. Huge red flag. Not just for them, but for everybody. To me, everyone knows that When you call 911, it's implied that you are seeking serious medical help and you need it right away. The fact that the dispatcher…

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