T & L Medical Transportation Executive Summary

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T&L Medical Transportation owners and dispatchers are at a continuous battle over the daily operations of the company. One of the processes that they will need to consider implementing to stay strategically competitive would be upgrading their computer system. Therefore, for this process to occur the following steps will need to be executed for this to reach fruition in this organization. T&L Medical Transportation owners and managers will both need to be on the same page as far as what system will be needed that works best for the daily operations of the company. Again, it has been suggested surviving in the medical transportation industry and being successful requires more than just acquiring a vehicle, insurance, and marketing (n.d.). T&L Medical Transportation owners should consider purchasing Windows 8 Pro tablets, eliminating their standard desktop …show more content…
Once these tablets have been purchased several managers will be needed to train T&L Medical Transportation owners and dispatchers due to some have limited literacy in computers. The process would be a recurring to train all owners, dispatchers, and future employees on the daily operations with new computer system. The future success of T&L depends solely on how well each counterparts, employees and computer, works together towards successful measurements of their daily operations. Finally, the implementation of modern technology, mainly a newer computer system, by T&L Medical Transportation, of up-to-date technology is essential to the success of this organization. It has been suggested that modern technology for many small business organizations “enable its employees to collaborate with one another and their clients”(localsyr.com 2014).
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