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  • I Love You Forever Case Study

    According to Buchbinder & Shanks 2012, I Love You…Forever case study, an assault transpired at the clinic, it involved an employee, Nurse Practitioner (NP) Nancy Masters, and intimate partner Joe, who later began stalking her. The author wrote that violence and death are a derivative of stalking. The case study focused on addressing the issue of intimate partner violence (IPV) in workplace and the employers’ response to an occurrence. It was obvious that the hospital needed to review and…

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  • Discipline And Arbitration Case Study

    Employment Scenarios, Discipline, and Arbitration Employees often partake in actions and do not think of the future consequences. Job performance does not always make up for the action. After all, most of the times it’s the bad things that get remembered. Discipline is necessary to ensure employees do not conduct this abuse again. If the employer wrongfully uses discipline, the employee and union steward might need to go to arbitration to get the problem resolved. The Case of the Substance…

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  • Brava Strong Case Study Summary

    emotions in an effective manner (Robbins & Judge, 2013). A solution would be to try to make Brava Strong retain emotional intelligence, and I would do this by making her participate in the Hay 360 Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) assessment and development tool, which will help develop proficiencies in the office (Watkins, 2000). The ECI measures self-awareness, self management, social awareness and skills, it is often known that majority of change and mergers and acquisitions fail due to…

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  • Nola Joorisity Case Study

    common practices implemented in workplaces. In the past employers would only give out evaluations once a year that did not allow for instant modification in work performance. Nola also stressed the importance of other strategies including Employee Assistance Program that help employees deal with stress and other personal…

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  • Wellness Program Proposal

    the individual needs of our employees. Some of the top workplace wellness programs, suggested by’s article titled Workplace Wellness Programs (Part 1 – What Canadian Companies Are Doing), (Lougie, 2011 para 21-26) are: • Employee Assistance Programs: Services ranging from educational resources to counseling intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being. Health Promotion and Education: Ongoing…

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  • The Positive Impacts Of Foreign Direct Investment In Bangladesh

    's socio-economic scenario within shortest possible time if it is used perfectly. (Johnson, 2006) In the context of Bangladesh, FDI cannot simply pull out overnight but stabilize our economy by providing fund, technical know-how, infrastructure development, and managerial…

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  • Capacity To Aspire Case Study

    against constraining the poor from governmental and civic action, and stay open to opportunities that promote success and prosperity for the poor. This key term is significant to our class because it is involved with how poor societies can create development and success. Intentional Economy- This is…

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  • Business Analysis Of Nike's Ethics In International Business

    As the world’s largest clothing and apparel brand, Nike, Inc. is constantly under pressure from shareholders, and competitors alike to compete on a global stage. With this, comes pressure to derive strong sales growth through superior products quality, strong brand strength, and a sustainable corporate and ethical image. In order to stay on top, growth is not enough. Nike must also keep costs in line and continue to grow their bottom line – maybe even faster than the top. This focus leads…

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  • Importance Of International Investment Law

    International investment law as an instrument for sustainable development The relation between international investment law and sustainable development is ?two sided?.[footnoteRef:2] This statement is also supported by Newcombe, he states sustainable development is indeed needed in the future, thus, foreign direct investment (FDI) could be the main instrument to ensure any development agenda.[footnoteRef:3] Furthermore, Foreign direct investment also contributes toward financing sustained…

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  • Harry Truman Point 4 Analysis

    inaugural address proposed four points. Of the four, his speech became well known for “Point Four” as it set the foundations for “the improvement and growth of underdeveloped areas,” (Truman 44). The theory of development that Truman bases point four off of is the modernization theory of development. The modernization…

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