The Importance Of Sponsorship For ACS

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The conference partly relies on the support of sponsors, from universities to large corporations. We plan to negotiate with the following groups to be one of the conference sponsors.
◦ UTS: Offering equipment or facilities.
◦ Google: Provide financial support
◦ FIRST Australia: Providing scholarships
◦ MQ, US, UNSW, UTS, and UWS: Involve employees as mentors and/or volunteers

◦ Regional: The conference only holds for NSW State.
◦ Researchers limitation: ICT or Robot related group.
◦ Target Audience: high-educated people in ICT and Computing,
◦ Conference form: mainly presenting and sharing ideas, unable to operate.

Budget Management
The expenditures for organizing and implementing the NSW State Conference for ACS
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In some cases, a member is involved with more than one committee depending on personal skills to perform in the committee.
Our preparation also includes the provision of transportation and accommodation for student members of ACS and also invited guests. All of this are parts of the preparation stage which needs serious attention and should be planed fro prior to implementation stage.

Schedule and Major Milestone
This part of the conference planning, gives a detailed representation of what activities has to be done with respect to day prior to the conference. This is the part concerned with the planned execution of preparations towards the conference. The preparation schedule is shown on the table below, stating the activities of various committees, time and their meeting venue.

Public campaign
One of the major activities which need to be done from the beginning of our preparations till the day of the conference is publicity. Publicity will go a long way to inform the people on what the conference is all about and enable them plan ahead of being a part of the conference. This entails making information available in all forms of media, the print media, electronic media and also on the
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This includes; appreciation, Report of issues addressed during the conference to members, preparation of financial reports to members, feedback and execution of the outcome of the conference.
The Appreciation part of the post conference has to do with writing appreciation letter to individuals who graced the conference, appreciation through the various media and courtesy visit to individuals and societies who assisted in making the conference a reality.
Giving a report to members include, all of those issues raised during the conference, ways to promote the activities of the society and importantly, the financial report. This is a way of making sure members of ACS keep record of the conference and be able to make reference to it from time to time.
A feedback system is necessary and will be put in place accordingly. Execution of resolutions taken during the conference in order to enhance the growth of computer in the society will be immediately acted upon by the society. This includes, setting out ways and modalities to make impacts in the society, according to resolutions and conclusions given during the

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