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  • The Negative Effects Of Urbanization And Environmental Health

    Urbanization refers to the process of raising population growth in cities and rural, it also includes the rise of industrialization. The government, industry and business deal in urban areas are involved.The United States and Europe had started their urbanization since the 19th century. On the other hand, by the end of 2014, 54.7% of China’s total population live in the urban areas, which is a rate that rose from 26% in 1990. They are currently experiencing a rapid increase. Yet, urbanization…

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  • Apia Case Study

    is to determine two problems and solutions. There are two disadvantages: bad for environment and influence of health of human, and solutions…

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  • Importance Of Transportation In Urban Areas

    not only about moving people but it also involves the movement of goods which is why freight transport is another area of sustainable transportation. Transportation is one of the major emitters of CO2 and other Green House Gas (GHG). As a result, environment is another area of sustainable…

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  • Essay On Advantages Of Smart Cities

    benefits of a high tech environment living as an added advantage for those who want to. Technology is an aspect that is more responsive to people’s necessities, as one of the advantages of living in smart cities. Technology is also a powerful resource that tends to make people move towards cities making use of it. It is a response of the urban population in urban regions to make preference living in a society where technology has certain aspects that complete the environment. The clean air to…

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  • Urban Gentrification Sociology

    construction occurs, older buildings are rehabilitated with ameliorations in public spaces and infrastructure as demand from the gentrifying residents start rising. This influx of development is associated with safer streets, improvement in built environment, contradictory change in crime rate, and better facilities (Braconi and Freeman, 2004). However, the benefits of gentrification are primarily accrued by the gentrifiers than the gentrified, it might be argued that the original residents also…

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  • Social Inequality In Urbanization

    The last century has seen the rapid growth of the urban areas which is likely to be one of the milestones in the current ages. Also known as the urbanization process, this situation is defined by the unprecedented rural population shift to the cities which stems from the Modern period as a result of the Industrial Revolution. However, the key aspect is the universal nature of the issue which has effect on an exceptional transformation in a global scale but on a drastically impact in the social,…

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  • The Social And Political Challenges Of Rapid Urbanization

    rapid urbanization itself. Government has to decide how to interact both with the private in public sector, and “self-help efforts” (Handelman, 195). As it was mentioned earlier in the social challenges of the urban poor, where governments in Less Developed Countries have constructed public housing to alleviate housing shortages. Another political challenge is the social…

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  • Urban Poverty And Inequality Case Study

    Gendered Response to Urban Poverty and Inequality A Case Study of SDI 1. Introduction Urbanisation has accelerated in the global scale, especially in the Global South, with the urban population growing rapidly due to both natural growth and rural-urban migration. The living condition and lifestyles of people are changing along with different situations in transport, housing, employment and infrastructures. However, in the process of urbanisation, people of different genders, religions and…

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  • Potential Perspective Chapter 8 Summary

    week’s reading we read Chapter 6 titled Spatial Perspectives: Making Sense of Space and Chapter 8 titled Social Psychology: The Urban Experience. Inside both chapters, author John Macionis and Vincent Parrillo make an incredible showing of how environment effects the people and urban. Additionally they give a smart and understanding thought of urban geography and space. Spatial Perspective is the title of chaoter 7. Individuals established urban areas at specific topographical locales where…

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  • Peripheral Urbanization And Third World Development

    from rural to urban areas. The First World, by definition, is the capitalist industrial market economies involving counties like United States, France and the United Kingdom. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the First World was so-called ‘developed countries’ as a synonym. The Third World contains both economic and political meanings. In political view, it stands for those initially non-aligned states (which eventually became client states which are economically, politically, or…

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