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  • Urbanization And Urban Sprawl In Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac

    This involves the conversion of open space into built-up, developed land over time”. While urban sprawl appears harmless due to its domestic aesthetic—the vision of cars and suburban houses lining the streets, with neighbors greeting each other in the morning and children running to catch the school bus—the reality…

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  • Community Garden Research Paper

    and that there is numerous of evidence that prove that human activity is responsible for it. Nothing is infinite on earth and the more we abuse it, the less time we have to enjoy it. People rarely take the time to realize the importance of the environment. As humans, we depend solely on the natural resources that Earth provides to us. All of our needs are satisfied by absorbing the resources of nature. This continuous depletion has led to ongoing issues that need to be resolved. The only way we…

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  • The Challenges And Complications Of The Sustainable Development Goals

    According to the UN what the Sustainable Development Goals are for is to help poorer countries to end poverty, hunger, and more. SO yes, both want to help the poor countries. The difference between them is that this theory says its us, the richer or developed countries who should be able to help the poorer countries. And that this should be done by the process called:…

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  • Boutique Farm Hotel Case Study

    sustainable hotel in the Chianti area of the Tuscany region. The adventure began back in 2015 when we decided to revert back to the real values and experiences of nature and make an important change in our lifestyle. We moved from our city life environment in the Chianti Classico region and began the restoration of a rural farmhouse and garden with great enthusiasm. The idea of starting a Boutique Farm Hotel also gave us the possibility to welcome guests to deliver reliable, genuine, caring…

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  • War Game Simulation

    obtained corporations are able to make the best decision for them and their companies. It is important to have reliable information before making a business decision. Environmental scanning is broken up into several parts: Natural environment, societal environment and task environment. By having each one of these companies are able to use the different analysis groups. War Game Simulation is when you play a certain…

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  • Career Goals: My Career Path To Urban Development

    college. It was a major risk considering that I knew no one, but I craved a different atmosphere. My goal of being the first college graduate in my family led me to make such risk-taking decision. Being exposed to different cultures, natural environments, and challenging disciplines and research in my undergraduate studies, has driven me to narrow my career path to urban development with an emphasis in environmental sustainability and community development. Originally from Sacramento,…

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  • Ecological Design

    From examining and living in the environment around us to calculating the decreased energy usage in our buildings, we have many plans including this one to make our world a better, cleaner place. I do think that we are capable of a goal like this on a community level. Other parts of the world however need to take different angles in adjusting to sustainable living. This work is of upmost importance but has received the short end of the stick since the world was developed in an incorrect fashion…

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  • Neocolonialism And Poverty

    amount of water in the soil. Another way the corporation interfered with the local environment was by using chemical through aerial spray on the plantation. This short of practice affects the insects and plants not part of the plantation and the people’s health, even causing fatality among children. In other places, like in Bolivia and Brazil, manipulating landscape came a the different cost. There, the environment was heavily impacted by silver and gold mining, where people would be forced to…

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  • Kidzu Children's Museum Environmental Analysis

    Since covering the topic of the environment in class last week, I have really noticed how environmentally-friendly Kidzu Children’s Museum actually is. Something that I am particularly impressed in regards to the museum is its creativity in promoting this idea of being “environmentally conscious”: from the implementation of innovative and engaging programs to the choice of language and phrasing Kidzu team members are taught to use when interacting with museum patrons in the Makery. Because of…

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  • Down To Earth Ted Steinberg Analysis

    one would likely not run across many references to the natural world. Occasionally the author mentions the influence of mineral discoveries, or devastating natural disasters such as earthquakes and dust storms, but never how the environment molded the societies that developed within it. Ted Steinberg’s Down to Earth: Nature’s Role in American History is a noticeable departure from this methodology. His ambitious goal is simple, “to change the way you think about American history.” (Steinberg,…

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