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  • Daughters Of Dust Analysis

    History has been written through the lenses of powerful white men. In most accounts the information gained and written is from a biased outlook with a great deal of speculation, and often altered from its true form. As author Kelly states in his book Race Rebels, too many scholars distort and omit the private side of African Americans’ social and cultural history (Kelly). Westerners had a common notion that Africans who were enslaved lost all their cultural ties and tradition due to the…

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  • The Polygamist's Daughter Analysis

    Part One Book Response The Polygamist’s Daughter begins with seven year old Anna being abandoned by her mother and being sent to live with a strange man in Mexico. Main character Anna Keturah Lebaron was raised in a radical polygamous off shoot of Mormonism called The Church of the Lamb of God. Anna’s father and leader of the church, murderous Ervil Lebaron had thirteen wives and more than fifty children as he led his followers as the one true prophet of God. Throughout the book the author…

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  • Fifth Chinese Daughter Analysis

    Jade Snow Wong’s Fifth Chinese Daughter outlines the cultural struggles the author faced as a Chinese-American. Born in America, yet raised Chinese, Wong began to form her identity in the middle of this cultural clash. On one hand, Wong witnessed the promotion of individuality from American families, on the other her family taught her individuality is less important than the family as a whole. Various cultural factors pushed and pulled Wong throughout her life – some she embraced, some she…

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  • Interior With The Artist's Daughter Analysis

    specifically figurative nor purely abstract. Two later works by Bell, 8 Fitzroy Street, 1930 (Fig. 52) and Interior with the Artists Daughter, 1935-6 (Fig. 53), suggest the artist’s ongoing interest in decorative design and abstraction. Both works depict Bell’s living space: her London studio at Fitzroy Street and her country home in Sussex. In Interior with the Artist’s Daughter, the young woman is seen sitting in an armchair at the artist’s studio in Charleston, absorbed in her book and…

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  • A Partisan's Daughter Character Analysis

    after one year when she was dumped by her boyfriend. She ran away to England hoping for a different life. They form the central characters of the novel, A Partisan’s Daughter, by Louis de Bernières. Here, I am attempting a reading of the novel in the light of Steph Lawler’s essay “Stories and the Social World”. A Partisan’s Daughter is an apt study of stories, storytelling and the place of stories in the social world. De Bernières, here weaves a story of loneliness and of storytelling itself,…

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  • Rappiccini's Daughter Character Analysis

    stereotype of the young, pure, virginal, and beautiful girl is perpetuated in Hawthorne’s Rappiccini’s Daughter. This text shows a difference in the construction of women, but women are still desired. The young female in this text is not considered a woman, but a girl because of her virginal status, which makes her single and available and untouchable. The young man, Giovanni, admires Beatrice, the daughter, from afar at first because he has not been introduced yet. Here the metaphor of the…

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  • Feminism In The Horse Dealer's Daughter

    the smallness of her feminine weapons, Mabel apparently uses her body and primal instinct against Jack. Consequently, as Shigley states in “Jerking the Leading Rope: sexism and phallocentrism perpetuated through D.H. Lawrence’s The Horse Dealer’s Daughter,"” Mabel exercises this power upon Jack, ultimately seducing him and taking advantage of his weakness for her. Upon doing this, Mabel capitalizes upon her dominant sexual position of being superior to a man[...]” (Shigley). As Shigley…

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  • My Father-Daughter Relationship Essay: Like Father Like Daughter

    Like Father Like Daughter There are different kinds of relationships that you could have in your life. There is the friend relationship, where you do everything together, laugh or cry together. Then there is the brother/sister relationship where you either try to kill each other or you are all over each other. Also, there is the marital relationship which is unconditional. The mother/daughter relationship is soft and gentle. The mother nurtures the daughter and teaches her to be a very…

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  • The Peasant's Clever Daughter Analysis

    Module 7 Paper: “The Peasant’s Clever Daughter” Fairy tales rarely have a clever woman that is equal to a male, they are usually a damsel in distress, or thought of as a beautiful woman to wed the leading man. This story was the exact opposite, we had a woman who was clever, giving the king reason to think of her worthy, but truly she played him on a mistake her father had made. Although not a typical fairy tale, it follows all eight characteristics of a fairy tale: it takes place in an…

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  • The Optimist's Daughter Literary Criticism

    drama - her 1972 novel, The Optimist’s Daughter is no exception. Eudora Welty’s novel, The Optimist’s Daughter, was inspired by the very concept of one’s own memory, dealing with loss and grief, and her own personal experiences. The memories that people keep and revisit are often times what makes an individual who they are. In many works of fiction, a protagonist’s memories can reveal their past. Memory itself is a large part of what makes up The Optimist’s Daughter, as the novel spends roughly…

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