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  • Teenage Love And The Influence Of Twist In Teenage Movies

    Teenage years are one of the most memorable times in an individual’s life. Screenwriters (or whoever else) creates stories that attract adolescents... Teenage love has been a classic story for movies from generation to generation. In this era, Twilight puts a sci-fi twist in the traditional teenage love story which makes it one of the first of its kind to shift the popular teenage movie culture. Twilight has inspired many movies and shows including, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Teen Wolf”, “Warm…

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  • Symbolism In Katherine Anne Porter's Flowering Judas

    Katherine Anne Porter’s famous short story “Flowering Judas” follows a women named Laura who is being courted by a man named Braggioni. The story itself uses symbolic meaning with flowers and religious symbols . With every event taking place in her house the reader feels the isolation with her. in Katherine Anne Porter “Flowering Judas the themes, author styles and literary devices all make the story more enjoyable to read. In Katherine Anne Porter’s “ Flowering Judas” the theme of Ideals vs…

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  • Tim Burton Cinematic Style Analysis

    Tim Burton, a person who started out as a kid fascinated by other famous directors and then became one himself. What did he do to become such a famous director? He is known for his disturbing and yet child-like movies, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands. Everyone of all ages can be able to enjoy his movie. Tim Burton’s style is kid-friendly at first, but then it takes a disturbing and twisted turn. One of Burton's cinematic technique he uses is…

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  • Cinematic Techniques In Edward Scissorhands And Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    Directors use many cinematic elements and techniques to give their movies a mood or feeling but director Tim Burton does this especially well in his movies Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tim Burton uses many cinematic techniques in his films but the one technique that he does extraordinary in his films are camera angles. In his films, Tim Burton effectively uses the cinematic element of camera angles to create a sense of mood and feeling based on the type of camera he…

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  • Ppia In The 1920's

    The passing of the eighteenth amendment provided an opportunity for Lucania to recruit some new meat. Lucania became one of the “Big Six” of bootlegging along with Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel (“Luciano”, n.d.). His bootlegging gang grew throughout the 1920’s. Lucania and his friends recruited new Jewish gang members, including Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, nicknamed “Lepke” by his mother, Abner “Longie” Zwillman, another Jew, and Zwillman’s partner, Willie Moretti (Gosch, 1975). These unscrupulous…

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  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Film Analysis

    Film Analysis Essay Tim Burton is known for his dark, gothic and quirky fantasy filming. This has been displayed through the six movies we watched in class. All six of the film topics were things that one would rarely think of happening and gave us a perspective of how it would feel or the experience through the characters as they traveled through the world of Tim Burton. He has expressed himself through The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, Charlie and…

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  • Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques Analysis

    Burton’s Technique Tim Burton uses many different types of cinematic elements/techniques to show the mood, tone and style. In the movies I’ve watched, he used various types of cinematic elements/techniques to show the mood, tone, and style of each movie. Some of his cinematic elements/techniques used are music/sound, editing, and lighting. As we go further into the essay I will talk about these three techniques, and you will notice that the tone of the movie is…

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  • Arielle Kebbel Research Paper

    Arielle Kebbel aka Lexi Branson who is much much loved for being the best friend was a rockstar in the show- Vampire Diaries. That’s what everyone says. We all did shed a million tears when Damon Salvatore stabbed her but she has an irreplaceable place in our hearts. And well indeed she does deserve that place totally. Arielle Kebbel who recently made to the final panel of the ATX festival talked about the recent Orlando Shooting and we just can't seem to get enough of her.She had some amazing…

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  • Twilight: Team Edward Or Team Jacob

    friends hooked on it too The book is so popular that multiple readers are connected by reading the novel at the same time. Other readers have mentioned or referred the book to their friends, and families to join the Twilight connection. Stephenie Meyer has a simplistic writing style that is easy to read yet still exciting and descriptive. It's a few steps up from Dairy of a Wimpy Kid though. But there are some harder words like masochistic- meaning wanting to inflict pain upon oneself, which…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Article 'Safe Sex: Romancing The Vampire'

    even humans. In fact, Meyer makes it hard to call Edward a villain or monster because he’s constantly doing good. Backstein mentions the scene in Twilight where the “humans are the men who try to rape Bella one evening in town” (215) and Edward saves Bella after reading their violent thoughts. We are supposed to be afraid of vampires…

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