Counterculture of the 1960s

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  • Mythology Of Cowboys

    Popular mythology depicts cowboys crooning soft lullabies to cattle on open ranges, singing old familiar songs and hymns, or creating new songs or verses to existing songs in the long dark hours of the night. While this image is highly romanticized, the association between music and the cowboy is not entirely unfounded. For cowboys, recollections from actual workers or witnesses have been recorded long before singing became a profession, recorded, or played on the radio and film because…

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  • Judson Dance Theatre Analysis

    member of the Judson Dance Theatre and the creator of contact improvisation. Although she was not aware of it at the time, Brown fell right into the action of Post-Modernism. Post-Modernism was influenced by the anti establishment mentality and counterculture movement. Like Brown, most others wanted the same thing: To break away from societal traditions. Numerous Post-Modernism Dancers immerged themselves into improvisation because there were no traditions or rules. It was whatever you wanted…

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  • The Black Power Movement: Natural Hair During The Civil Rights Movement

    The term, “natural hair”, is frequently used to describe African-American hair that has not been heat damaged, or chemically processed and in the state in which it grows from one’s head (Marshall). The ‘natural hair look’ became prominent in the 1960’s, before and during the civil rights movement (Luter; Brown 17). Many activists, and in general, everyday women wore their as is, which is commonly associated with the “Afro”. The “Afro” was not only a hairstyle, but a political statement for black…

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  • Ronald Reagan Conservatism

    In 1980 Republican candidate Ronald Reagan assumed the highest office in government, that of the presidency, defeating incumbent president Jimmy Carter in a decisive victory that saw him win in forty-four of the nation’s fifty states. Reagan secured 51% of the popular vote, and 489 electoral votes, making it abundantly clear that the populist New Right movement that propelled his ascension in politics would usher in a new age of conservatism for the troubled nation. Reagan’s victory in the…

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  • How Did Charles Manson Affect Criminal Behavior

    A notorious criminal, Charles Miles Manson, was the center of a sadistic cult that afflicted many throughout the 1960s. Manson and his sect came to typify the aphotic marginal of an aeon that many usually affiliate with amity and unrecompensed love. During this spree, he commanded others to commit a series of crimes including thievery, assault, and even murder while under the influence of The Beatles and recreational drugs. Charles Manson was born to a sixteen year old girl who abandoned him due…

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  • Cold War Origins

    Americans could watch what was going on, on their Television in their living room. There was also a lot of student activism, students were anti-war, used free speech, and even burned down draft registration centers. This war created a rise of the counterculture there were hippies who were anti establishment and would rebel against the government and parent…

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  • Analysis Of Casablanca

    In the essay Casablanca:cult movies and intertextual collage, from the collection of essays titled Travels of Hyper Reality,Umberto Eco has taken the case of the 1940’s popular American movie Casablanca,directed by Michael Curtis to explain how and why it gained the status of a ‘cult’ movie.He has given a number of reasons in the essay as to why people liked it so much.Eco begins by making it clear that the movie according to him is not a very artistic movie and that despite that the movie has…

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  • Garifuna Music In Honduras

    Tikita Tikita: The story of an apolitical music in a politically charged time Punta is upbeat music with lyrics that are mostly about having a good time. What was happening in the country to necessitate this musical distraction? Time between the late 1960s up until 1990 were eventful times in Honduras in which the country was going through cultural, economic and political changes. The question being was that punta an escape for its listeners, as escape from the unstable affairs of Honduras.…

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  • Nomi Nickel Analysis

    century. Nomi’s longing for the East Village in New York demonstrates her contempt for the way the community still lives in the past. “Nomi Nickel associates East Village somewhat subversively with its homonym in New York City, the hotbed of the 1960s counterculture which the young narrator embraces enthusiastically as an antidote against Mennonite disregard for the present” (Omhovère,…

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  • Sweetback Film Analysis

    Sweet Sweetback’s Baad Asssss Song (1971; Sweetback hereinafter) is a low-budget, 97-minute-long independent film written, directed, produced and scored by Melvin Van Peebles (b. 1932). Its production is considered a watershed in the history of US filmmaking. Sweetback’s firm stand on racism in the movie industry and the wider US socio-political context is still pertinent today as the racist ideology is disturbingly still with us today. Hence, the importance of revisiting Sweetback to unpack its…

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