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  • Tax Deficit Essay

    Taxes are always a highly debated topic when it comes to economics. The reason for that is because taxes play a major role in it and also in everyone’s lives. Most of government spending is paid with taxes, and a large portion comes from income tax and social security taxes (Bouman). These taxes affect everyday people the most, which is why taxes are so heavily debated and discussed. This paper will discuss which taxes should be raised, who will get the raises and opposing opinions or…

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  • Causes Of Corporate Inversions

    There has been recent media coverage of corporate “inversions”. In other words, corporations originally founded or thought of as “American” transplanting themselves in Canada or the United Kingdom. These inversions draw significant media and public attention and are a hot topic for politicians. Understanding the motivations and root causes of corporate tax behavior is integral to reforming tax code. In general, taxes generate income that funds local, state, and federal government activity.…

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  • Corporate Inversions Case Study

    Stuart Casey Professor Ryder Corporate Inversions Do you know what McDermott, Tyco, and Herbalife have in common? Even though they are all in different industries they have all taken advantage of the tax breaks that come with a corporate inversion. Tax inversions are a relatively new idea in the history of taxes. The first company to succeed in the modern form of inversions was an oil service and construction company located in Houston, Texas called McDermott. In 1984, McDermott did not buy…

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  • Summary: Business Entity Distinctions

    If Mr. Jones decides to transfer the business as a sale, he is going to report the results on his 1040. Since the used car dealership has reached its first year of operation, Mr. Jones can characterize the long-term capital gain and can use special tax rates if it results in a gain (Gross 2009) (Fraudulent Transfers…

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  • Donald Trump Fiscal Model

    There are numerous people running for President of the United States in 2016 from both the Republican and Democrat political parties. The ten major candidates running for President from both parties include Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. This paper will look at Donald Trump’s proposed fiscal policy and how his policy will affect the United States economy by looking at the supply side…

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  • LONG V. Emissioner: Gulfstream Case

    2. LONG v. COMMISSIONER, 77 TC 1045, Code Sec(s) 1031. - This case deals with a similar issue as that addressed in the Gulfstream Case, however it also looks at the tax implications of an exchange in which liabilities are also being exchanged. The courts ruled that the transfer, in general, could qualify for Section 1031 deferment. This was based on the conclusion that the definition of a partnership included joint ventures (which was involved in the exchange), however because unequal amounts of…

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  • Foreign Holding Companies

    able to generate huge tax savings through the use of foreign holding companies with no operations or employees at the top of its foreign operations. In the case of Apple, its Irish holding companies serve as a group of finance companies, and Apple Inc., the U.S.-based parent of the whole group, pays U.S. tax only on the investment earnings in the U.S. (Sheppard 2). What is interesting is that these tax haven foreign tax jurisdictions permit the holding companies to pay no tax to any government.…

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  • Tax Evasion Paper

    1. Case study: Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion As stated in the text, the biggest challenge the tax administration has is cheating (Rosen & Gayer, 2014). There is difference between tax avoidance, which is legal and a good business practice, and tax evasion, which is failing to pay due taxes (Rosen & Gayer, 2014). The public finance principle of tax avoidance is efficient. In the case reviewed, it is suggested that having a fiscal year end on December 31st drives companies to be more aggressive…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Tax Inversion

    something, and tax is known as the amount charged for the support of the government. A Tax Inversion is an option or tool that allows a company financially to lower its tax liabilities by obtaining a legal foreign address. One of the highest corporate income tax rate is represented by the United States system. Many companies seek for effective ways to decrease their tax bills without break U.S laws. Obtaining a new legal address abroad, it is a current and favored strategy to lower corporate…

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  • The Importance Of Taxes In The United States?

    are collected from both individuals and their employers based on overall payroll and are of a much lower overall percentage are used in large part to fund social benefit programs such as Medicare, Welfare, and Social Security(Bianco,2013.). Corporate income tax, which was once the largest form of federal revenue and is now the third and consists of taxes collected on the income of corporations with the country(Investopedia,2014.). And lastly, Federal Excise Taxes which are unique sales taxes…

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