Economic Factors Of New Zealand Essay

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In this report, the impacts of economic factors such as Inflation rate, Unemployment rates, Interest rates, exchange rates and general taxes (Income tax, GST or similar, Capital Gains tax, Inheritance tax etc.), on personal financial management will be discussed. Corresponding research on the topic is done to support this report. This report will also investigate part 2 and 3. Economic statistical factors of New Zealand. The current person finances can be issues for many people so I would like to show you increasing or decreasing economic factors compared to previous years, next I will consider with statistical factors of Indonesia, however Indonesia’s high population and Indonesia was 27th the biggest population in the world than New Zealand so I would like to show you the economic factors of Indonesia also some economic factors that will affect my own situation.
Trading Economics. (2008). New Zealand’s inflation rises in Q4. Recovered February 1, 2016, from
The Inflation and current situation in New Zealand is decreasing by 0.1% in January 2016 than last year. The previous In the second quarter of 2013, New Zealand economy expanded a seasonally accustomed 0.2% above the previous quarter, after an increase of 0.4% in the first three months of 2013, as the consequence of the drought continues to hurt pastoral production, so In my opinion more employment more job, but high employment will difficult to get job. New…

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