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  • Takem's Appliances & Electronics Case Study

    Sally Walker is one of a mistreated sales contract. When Sally Walker purchased the laptop from Takem’s Applicances & Electronics, she entered into a sales contract in which she promised to pay for the laptop. The specific terms of the contract are unknown, as to the price Sally agreed to pay Takem for the laptop, the time period over which the payments would be made, if the contract was written or oral, and so on. It is even unknown whether the contract is even valid at this point. Assuming…

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  • Williams V Roffey Comms Case Study

    Introduction Williams v Roffey Bros. is a leading case in English contract law. The appellant is Williams and the respondent is Roffey Bros. & Nicholls (contractors)Ltd. Facts In September 1985, the building contractor, Roffey Bros. & Nicholls Ltd., entered into a contract with Shepherds Bush Housing Association Ltd. to refurbish a block of flat, Twynholm Mansions, Lillie Road, London SW 6, and became is the main contractors for the works. Williams, the carpenter, was engaged to carry out the…

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  • The Success Hotel Case

    not be responsible for the valuables lost if these items are not given to the front desk for safe-keeping, these are the exemption clauses made by the hotel which is a contractual stipulation that seeks to exclude the liability of one party to a contract. This principle of law was established in the case of Olley v Malborough Court (1949). In this case, the court held that if the parties had a history of past dealings with the management or in this case, hotel, then the…

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  • The Doctrine Of Ultra Vires

    Ultra Vires is a Latin word which literally means, ‘beyond the power’. In legal parlance it is used to describe when a person, whether natural or artificial, or a body have acted beyond the power granted to them by law. This phrase is widely used in different branches of law; in Administrative law it is mainly used with respect to an administrative body. In Criminal law it is used with respect to law enforcement agencies, in Company law it is used with reference to the corporate capacity of a…

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  • Medical Negligence: Causes And Consequences Of Medical Negligence

    word solely describes the meaning, though the meaning of negligence has not been described in a proper way but it is an act recklessly done by a person resulting in foreseeable damages to the other. Negligence is an offense under tort, IPC, Indian Contracts Act, Consumer Protection Act and many more. Medical Negligence basically is the misconduct by a medical practitioner or doctor by not providing enough care resulting in breach of their duties and harming the patients which are their…

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  • Overland Trucking Case Study

    Breakeven units= Fixed Costs/UCM =$20,000/0.55=36,363.64 miles per year Incremental UCM= $0.55/mile * 3000 miles* 52 weeks= $85,800 per year Incremental profit=$85,800-20,000= $65,800 per year $65,800 * 5 years= $329,000 over the life of the 5 year contract 6. Overland might use an independent contractor because they don’t want to incur any debt when purchasing a rig. Using a contractor might also help them increase the efficiency of their organization not need to use their own rig for the two…

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  • Tort: The Three Pillars Of Tort Liability

    Tort There are three pillars of tort liability, namely: 1. wrong (tort) 2. Damage 3.alaqh causality between fault and damage. First: the wrong (tort) Is a breach of an obligation, and consists Altgosaira error of two elements: Second, damage It is harm to the person aggrieved than necessary financially compensated or morally because it touches such a right or legitimate for other interest, whether right or interest to life or the right to safety somatic, or not to touch the emotions,…

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  • Case Study Of The Contract Between Palermos And Colorado Carpet

    Discuss fully whether the contract between the Palermos and Colorado Carpet was primarily for the sale of goods or the sale of serv¬ices. The contract between the Palermos and Colorado Carpet was primarily for the sale of services because the Palermos orally agreed to the purchase and installation of the carpet. After Colorado Carpet had begun installing the carpet, Mrs. Palermo was dissatisfied. Therefore, the installation of the carpet is part of the service in the contract. B.…

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  • The Importance Of Sports Lifestyle

    Sports lifestyle is not a trend, not a fashion. This will not happen in a year, it will not go to the background. Sport is a choice. Sport – this is life. Why do we need sports? A good question is why? Many people are constantly deepening into some kind of training, and all in different, agitating and their friends, strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, go to the gyms, buy their own sports clothes and gadgets. And why all this? Sport is important for every person. With the help of sports, health…

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  • Case Study Of Jamie Turner At MLI, Inc.

    Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc. 1. How did Turner get himself into this particular predicament? ANSWER There are many reasons contributing to the Turner’s current situation: • Cardullo had made false promises of giving him the autonomy of Marketing department, which Turner believed abruptly. • Turner was granted a hefty pay for the new job, which made him join the job. • At the time Turner joined MLI was struggling over with financial problems. It was not a wise decision for Turner to join at…

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