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  • Gonorrhea Essay

    The etiological agent of Gonorrhea is Neisseria gonorrhoeae, affects both sexually active males and females of all ages. The chain of transmission of Neisseria gonorrhoeae is by direct sexual contact via vaginal, anal, oral intercourse, or from a mother to their baby, during childbirth. Contact of infectious exudates from mucous membranes of an infected human creates a passageway from one human to another human and/or partner. Gonorrhea is listed as a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and is…

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  • Agbedidi Dance Concert Report

    On December 2nd, 2016 at the Constance theatre the dance department presented a show called Agbedidi. The show, directed and choreographed by Mohamed DaCosta and Trent D. Williams, Jr., displayed a combination of Traditional African and Contemporary Dance. The house buzzed with excitement as the start of the show approached. It is quite encouraged to see such a large audience at an event, but this audience also brought a positive, vibrant atmosphere for the dancers to soak up. I was curious to…

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  • Trial And Incongruency Effect

    Introduction Ullsperger, Bylsma, and Botvinick (2005) investigated a phenomenon called conflict adaptation, which refers to the pattern in which the difference in response times between incongruent and congruent trials in a basic flanker task is smaller when the current trial follows an incongruent trial. At the time of their study, there was a debate in the field concerning what drives this effect. A previous study by Botvinick, Nystrom, Fissell, Carter, and Cohen (1999) argued that this…

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  • Toxicity Testing Lab Report

    Aim 2. Toxicity testing. In these experiments we aim to establish the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of each drug, using the recommended dosing schedule. We will measure weight gain/loss and will assess toxicity through additional parameters (e.g. haematology analysis). Aim 3. Efficacy testing. In these experiments we will measure the effects of drugs on the progression of the leukaemia, measured as the proportion of human leukaemic cells in the peripheral blood. We will do this either as a…

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  • How Does Yoga Influence The Human Body

    Yoga is responsible for creating a fine balance between the endocrine and the nervous systems in a human body and therefore it is very successful in influencing the good functioning of different body organs and systems directly or indirectly. Yoga provides a unique interconnectedness between the physical, mental, and emotional levels of human body and gradually makes way for an easy understanding of various restrained areas of existence. All this in turn helps in attaining some psychological…

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  • Early Native American Civilization Analysis

    needed as long as there was a sacrifice given to the earth. They believe a torn apart monster created heaven and earth along with all the things humans need for survival. This legend was a combination of Aztec and Toltec legends. During the more modern period of the early native Americans parents put a combination of love and fear in their children’s hearts by making them fear doing something to dissatisfy their god. I think the parents an afraid that a natural disaster from the past will occur…

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  • Ania's Written Language Skills Essay

    administered to assess Ania's written language skills. Written language skills, as measured by this assessment, appear to indicate that her skills fall below peer expectancy. The Spelling subtest assesses the ability to write dictated letters, letter combinations and words. The Sentence Composition subtest contains two components, Sentence Combining and Sentence Building. Both portions measure sentence formulation skills and written syntactic maturity, which includes morphology, grammar,…

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  • EIHL Consequences And Behavior Analysis

    behaviors in both every day and workplace situations. In fact, it is through encouraging (E) and discouraging (D), immediate (I), highly important (H), and likely (L) consequences, that behaviors can be changed throughout a lifetime; in other words, a combination of EIHL and DIHL consequences work best to change individual behavior. This theory will be demonstrated using a situation involving the Portersville Christian School Women’s Varsity Basketball…

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  • Positive Relationships In Sports

    If these relationships are all positive and working together in collaboration, the individual is more likely to have a positive attitude towards sport. However, if there is an imbalance and one or all of the relationships foster a negative sporting experience, it creates a negative tension on the other relationships, which can be detrimental to the individual’s sporting outlook (Baker, Côté, and Hawes, 2000). Research in this area will help find the best possible relationships to enhance…

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  • Rehab Drug Treatment

    Types rehab drug treatment Methods. Drug rehab treatments use a variety of different treatment methods to help abusers. They might use a single method on its own, a combination of methods, or set standard practices aside and follow a custom-made plan. If you or one of your loved one needs rehab drug treatment, you will have to consider the different types of care to find the one that will work best. Outpatient and Inpatient rehab drug treatment. Most experts agree that inpatient drug rehab…

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