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  • New England Colonies Economy

    Colonists to pay merchants in gold and silver, rather than paper money. It was impossible for them to pay in gold and silver when resources were getting harder to get. The Colonial reaction was a continuation in hostility and refusal to pay. The Quartering Act of 1765 was a policy that required colonists to offer their houses to British troops, they were also vital to feed them. The colonists responded to this by protesting in legislatures. This eventually led to the Boston Massacre of 1770.…

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  • Why Was The French And Indian War So Important To The American Revolution?

    For years most colonist enjoyed a life that was prosperous and free. Although George II still appointed high ranking officials, Americans were self-ruled. They levied their own taxes, elected their own assemblies, and had independent newspapers. The threat from England to strip away the liberties Americans worked so hard to build, would not be taken lightly. Taxes passed by the crown to help reduce the debt caused by The French and Indian War slowly eroded any loyalty Americans felt for the…

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  • Causes And Effects Of The American Revolution

    the debt. This Act imposed duties on sugar and molasses and greatly aggrieved the colonists. The colonists were aggrieved not just because it had been enacted into law but because the British government took very stringent strides in enforcing it. Colonial ships could constantly be stopped and searched for smuggled goods. As a reaction, the colonists rallied against and noised “taxation without representation” throughout the colonies born through the philosophies of James Otis and Samuel…

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  • Transformative And Continuity Perspectives Of Singapore

    citzens' army. When the British, facing economic difficulties, withdrew all its military forces in 1971, then Minister Lee Kuan Yew stated that there will be 'no gap', meaning that Singapore forces will immediately replace the withdrawing British troops.3 This shows that the Japanese Occupation had moulded the direction of Singapore post-independence as well, with the case of National Service still being a defining part of Singapore…

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  • Angola Civil War Case Study

    Secondary 4 Integrated Humanities Scenario Study 1 (2016) Assignment 1 Name: Claire Mak Class: Sec 4 / 08 Analyse the causes of conflict in Angola. Background of the Civil War in Angola The Angola civil war that began in 1975 has its roots in the fight for independence from Portugal starting in 1961. During the struggle for independence, three main insurgent groups were formed. They are People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), National Union for the Total Independence of Angola…

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  • The Relationship Between The French And Indian War

    prevalent being the severance of the Colonists from the British Parliament rule. More specifically the Colonist, due salutary neglect, the settlers were able to practice sovereignty. As a result, they were able to create a governing system that met their colonial needs. The French and Indian War was the wat that gave rise to a new nation. A nation which would eventually become one of the most power and…

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  • The Acquisition Of Philippine Islands By The United States

    As the Spanish-American War raged, the Philippines underwent a revolution against Spanish colonial rule for independence. However, at the end of the war, the Philippines was ceded to America, angering the Filipino people. Meanwhile, the American government had their own plan for the future of the Philippines. They passed a series of acts that would apply to the Philippines and her government. The American government only acquired the Philippines due to the aftermath of the Spanish-American War…

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  • Henry Laurens Responsibility Of Colonial Agents During The Revolutionary War

    Robert Pringle Informed his brother of the impending arrival of 30 barrels of illicit gunpowder immediately after informing him about the location of a naval patrol with a “strong squadron and a great number of troops on board.” Henry Laurens was quick to suggest illicit trade to a few of his trusted business relations, albeit in far more cautious terms. In a letter to Captain Thomas Osborne of the schooner Jolly Batchelor, Laurens stated that “ you and I both know that some branches of…

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  • Social Inequality In The United States

    In the early part of America’s history, economic and racial inequality helped the colonizers gain a foothold from which they would grow the cotton industry from the ground up, and the ground that they would use belonged to the natives of this nation, and this helped keep the status quo of racial oppression which would be their theme for years to come. Meanwhile, racial and gender inequalities helped bring to light issues of the status quo, and provided important social commentary that would…

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  • Causes Of French And Indian War Essay

    French and Indian wars were four wars fought one after another in North America between 1689 and 1763. The wars were fought between France and England, which became part of Britain during the second war. Spain, at times, sided with the French. All fought with the support of Indian allies. In the end, France lost nearly all its land in North America. Britain gained most of the French territory, and Spain acquired the rest. Battle of Monongahela Location of Acadia Causes of the French and…

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