How America Won Her Independence From The British Empire Essay

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How America Won Her Independence From the British Empire Today when one thinks of the American Revolution, it is almost ingrained in the American psyche to think of the Fourth of July, and with out fail every summer on that date the Revolution story is told. However the story of Americas Revolution did not begin in the sweltering summer heat of Philadelphia in 1776, instead the winter of 1773 in the frigid waters of Boston Harbor. That December night American protested the Tea Act passed earlier that year, by dumping over three hundred chest of tea in the harbor. This act of defiance was meet with swift actions from the British Parliament, who declared the Massachusetts Bay colony to be in a state of rebellion. The Parliament took harsh actions in an attempt to stamp out this up rising. These actions included closing the Boston port, dismissing the Massachusetts Government, forcing the quartering of troops upon the colonist, and moved trials of British officials to Great Britain. The colonist rejected these acts as a violation of the colonial charter and many colonists rallied to support Massachusetts. The British also appointed Thomas Gage to be the New Governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony. Gage was instrumental in influencing parliament action towards the colonies. Howard H. Peckham (1958) notes Gage’s interactions with Parliament in a letter address to Mr. Gage from Lord Darthmouth, who was the Secretary of State wrote
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