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  • The French And Indian War: Effects Of The French And Indian War

    The French and Indian War between Great Britain, France and Spain had a large impact on the colonial-Britain relationship. The Treaty of Paris (1763) ended the war leaving Great Britain with new territory to expand their claims. Moreover, the expenses of the war left them with an immense amount of debt. In relation to the colonies the effect of the French and Indian War was damaging. Great Britain mistreated the colonies by heavily taxing them and imposing unfair acts in order to relieve their…

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  • Trenton: An Analysis Of The Battle Of Trenton

    The Battle of Trenton Analysis Near the beginning of the Revolutionary War an attack was orchestrated by General George Washington on December 26, 1776 at Trenton, New Jersey. since August 1776, British forces had been pursuing the Colonial Army south and out of New York. The British then Proceeded to drive the Colonists further south, across New Jersey. This forced General Washington to lead his men through the Delaware river where they camped on the Pennsylvanian side short of necessities…

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  • The American Revolution: How Did America Start Their Rebellion Against Great Britain

    The congress chose a man by the name of George Washington to lead a group of militiamen against the besieging of colonists located in Boston from British troops. The congress also formed the money to make a small navy and help train militiamen so that they could be a trained force and come to be known as the first Continental Army. Battles underwent between the two forces and were named such as Bunker Hill…

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  • Why Did George Washington Lose The Revolutionary War

    They had an irregular fighting style which the former was standing in compacted columns. They would stand behind cover and step out to fire at the enemy and repeat after reloading. Also, the colonial soldiers were unruly and lacked discipline.The british were not disadvantaged because loyalists would perform the same actions. The british fought formally, standing in the previously mentioned columns. They were organized and trained professionally…

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  • Comparison Of Lexington And Concord: The Battles Of The American Revolution

    “Over time, Americans came to see the battles of Lexington and Concord as the first steps toward American Independence.” The battles of Lexington and Concord were the first battles of the American Revolution, a conflict that would escalate from a colonial uprising into a world war that, seven years later, would give birth to the independent United States of America. This was the end of those battles but the start of many…

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  • Battle Of Algiers Analysis

    Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth and watching the Battle of Algiers, I think, in the colonial context, it is justifiable for the colonized to use violence in pursuit of liberty for three reasons: first the colonial government is not illegitimate; second, the colonial government deprived the colonized of their natural resources and violated their both natural and civil rights; third, the colonial government…

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  • Mission Command Principles

    as Mission Command Principles. The Battle of Bunker Hill began when the order came down that Colonel Prescott was to defend the Charlestown Peninsula from the British to prevent access to the mainland through the Charlestown Neck. Although the Colonials did not physically win the Battle of Bunker Hill, Colonel Prescott’s leadership…

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  • The Blame For The Rwandan Genocide

    then must be asked: how can such a calamity, with more than 7 Tutsi men, women and children killed every minute, last a total of 100 days? The International community is to be blamed much of the genocide in Rwanda. Firstly, the Belgium and German colonial period led to the early conflict between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Secondly, the United Nations not only failed to supply…

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  • Townshend Act Dbq

    enforcement policies within it. The resistance to the Acts involved expanding a network of individuals, families, neighbors, communities, and colonies from New England to Georgia. The only flaw to the resistance of the Acts was the separation of the colonial ranks; the most significant being the split between urban artisans and merchants, allies in 1765. The colonists hated the way the duties were to be spent based on the new ways money was to be…

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  • Why Did The British Start Pushing For Independence Thomas Paine's

    As Britain imposed more taxes and demanded greater direct control over the Colonies there was an increase in resentment. Once the French and Indian War ended Britain was facing heavy financial loss, in an effort to counteract the economic loss Britain passed the Navigation Acts along with other taxes on the colonies. Because the British believed that they played an essential part in defending the colonists during the French and Indian war, they thought that the colonists owed them monetary…

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