Characters in Hamlet

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  • Female Characters In Prince Hamlet

    women in Hamlet played a significant role in terms of affecting the character of Prince Hamlet, the conflict and the outcome of the play. Gertrude, Prince Hamlet’s mother, and Ophelia, Prince Hamlet’s lover, are the only two female characters in the play; however, they are able to have a tremendous impact on the life of Prince Hamlet. My paper will focus more on Gertrude and reflect her influence on Prince Hamlet’s character. Gertrude is the exact opposite of her son Prince Hamlet. Prince…

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  • The Character Of Ophelia In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    The Tragical History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is, without question, one of Shakespeare 's most tragic and dramatic plays. Although the play is centered around a single, precise conflict, it is filled with uncertainties relating to the developing disputes behind the main plot. The audience is left with many questions regarding the true feelings of Ophelia. One of these questions in particular is, what caused Ophelia to lose her mind and, in turn, kill herself? Was she simply driven mad by her…

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  • Gertrude Hamlet Character Analysis

    In Hamlet as much as many questions about the characters were answered, an opulent amount of them were not. Through the character developement of Gertrude, there are several takes in understanding her character through her equivocal actions and verbose. As much as she is naïve, or seem to be a hypocrite to the public mainly through her responds to King Hamlet’s death, her “private” talk with Hamlet, and her final death scene. In the visual representation, the upper portion of Gertrude’s dress is…

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  • The Character Of Polonius In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    father to Laertes and Ophelia in Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, cares deeply about his family’s reputation, which to him, is the same as his own. Polonius is often more concerned with his position in Denmark than the welfare of his children and as a result, his approach to parenting is often flawed due to his overprotective, suspicious, and controlling tendencies in regard his children, for their behaviour may reflect upon his own character and jeopardize his status at court. Primarily, Polonius…

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  • Free Hamlet Essays: Ophelia Character Analysis

    William Shakepeare 's Hamlet is a powerful demonstration of the spiteful and greedy nature of people. Throughout the play, the common response to unfortunate events is to seek out revenge, and to bring punishment upon whomever has hurt you. The one expection to this recurrence is Ophelia, who responds to the horrific events that she endures with sorrow and lunacy. Unlike those around her, Ophelia assumes guilt for the suffering that she helps cause, and lacks the cruelty that characterizes…

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  • Breaking Bad: Hamlet: Character Analysis Of 'Hamlet'

    THE MODERN HAMLET Breaking Bad is widely considered one of the best TV shows of all time and for a good reason. It has one particular plot that resonates with Hamlet - tragedy. The hook of this TV show is it’s brilliant deviation from a basic storyline and hero to one where it makes the viewer question their own values and make judgement calls. Walter White is debated heavily as being either a hero, an anti-hero, or just a faulty hero. To set the scene, he is a high school chemistry teacher who…

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  • The Female Roles Of Female Characters In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    play, Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude play the typical female roles: submissive, powerless, and dependent on the male characters. The female characters in Hamlet are passive to the male characters. Ophelia submits herself in full obedience to all the men in her life, including her father, brother, and Hamlet. Ophelia’s obedience is exhibited when she is speaking with her brother and father about her relationship with Hamlet. Laertes and Polonius both forbid her…

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  • Oedipus And Hamlet Character Analysis

    Aristotle describes the word ‘tragedy’ as the fall of a character from a position of height. This fall can derive from a tragic flaw, which is typically an admirable characteristic that becomes so destructive it turns an individual into their own nemesis. A tragic flaw can either be tangible or intangible, but regardless it can bring someone to a very low point in his/her life. Two prime examples of this would be Oedipus the King and Prince Hamlet. Oedipus the King is an egotistical man…

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  • Ethical Characters In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    different character traits. Some traits are good, while others are corrupt and lean towards unethical. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the readers find many characters with diverse traits. Some characters were kind, considerate, and devoted to helping others, however, others were rude, dishonest, and wicked. People with bad character traits tend to use others to benefit themselves. King Claudius is one of the characters in Hamlet that possesses bad qualities of a person. After reading Hamlet,…

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  • Hamlet Horatio Character Analysis

    to use some literary device and compare and contrast to emphasize the personality and emotional changes in the main character. In Hamlet, Shakespeare depicted a lot of distinctive character who foil with Hamlet. By bringing out their significant differences, it can make the main character shine brightly. I would like to discuss how Horatio, Laertes and Fortinbras foils with Hamlet and cite meaningful evidence to explain their differences better. The first impression of Horatio is that he is…

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