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  • Symbolism In The Jungle

    book that truly showed the the migrant workers in the factories who were in poor working conditions and put anything in meat as long as they did not get in trouble. This brought many unsanitary conditions in and outside the factories. In the novel The Jungle, Upton Sinclair uses vivid imagery and uses the characterization such as migrant workers such as Jurgus to criticize the meatpacking industry, expose the conditions of the factories and lifestyles of workers, and to show the impossibility of…

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  • Pre Colonial India Case Study

    Prostitution Pre-Colonial India The definition of Prostitute has never been explicitly defined, however, it is commonly used for any woman who for the sake of monetary considerations sells her body is referred to as one. In ancient India, they were referred to as ‘Ganikas’ or courtesans. During the Mauryan period, a systematic control of the prostitution business was established under a superintendant, who was called the ‘Ganikaadyaksha’. There were different types of prostitutes and…

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  • Karl Marx: A Comparative Analysis

    migrant farm workers. With capitalism taking over societies today, it is common to see private owners, or as Marx…

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  • Curley's Wife Discrimination

    In the 1930’s, migrant workers were commonly found moving to farms across the country in search of jobs. Black people were left in dust because of their skin color; women were considered property just because they were female; and older people were commonly given the jobs that the other workers did not want. Consequently, the theme of loneliness is revealed in the novella through isolation felt by Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s Wife. In chapter three, an older migrant worker called Candy…

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  • Susan Glaspell's Portrayal Of Women

    In the works Women Work, A Jury of Her Peers, and A Work of Artifice the authors portray a negative image of women to society. All of these works talk about some way women are less than men but mainly they talk about their domestic work around the house. Women are portrayed in these works to only have to worry about working in the house and that, which is all they are good for. Domestic work around the house is a theme in all of these stories made to show how society perceives women and show how…

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  • Sex Trafficking And Prostitution: A Case Study

    The point that stood out to me and I wanted to reflect on was how corrupt some of the people and government agencies described in some of the Asian countries that exploited migrant workers from Thailand. Many of the women were kidnapped or taken from their homes against their will and then forced to pay their kidnappers for freedom. The other point how was that necessity which is the mother of invention turned these women form victims to entrepeneurs. Through their exploitation they learned…

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  • Immigration Documentary Analysis

    Another interesting point is that the foreign workers are being stopped, questioned, and detained for no reason. In New York, NY, an Immigration Detention Center was even created in the middle of the largest agricultural producing areas in the state. These foreign workers are being targeted when they are doing the simplest things such as grocery shopping, going to church, or even doing laundry. Border patrol has struck fear into these workers and can 't even go to the store because they are…

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  • Sex Work: A Feminist Analysis

    There is a further dichotomy in regards to sex workers, which is that “...of the ‘voluntary’ versus ‘forced’ model of sex worker” (Doezema, 34). As the name suggests, this dichotomy states that women are either coerced into sex work by pimps or by economic demands, or they willingly choose to do the work. Jo Doezema argues that we need to…

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  • Prostitution Pros And Cons

    encouraged” (Grant). Several of the prostitution houses were lead by madams or sex workers themselves and this allowed for little to no police interference in their business (Grant). Similar to America today, several…

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  • The Harvest Movie Analysis

    Migrant Farmworkers Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep! The alarm clock cries for attention in the early morning, when the sky is still dark and even the birds are sleeping. Inside a small, negligible shack on the side of a dirt road, a tired, calloused hand reaches over the side of the mattress to quiet the clock, but hesitates for minutes, uncertain whether to let its owner savor a few more minutes of sleep. Finally, it smashes down on the alarm clock and yanks its haggard owner up from the bed. The…

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